September 29, 2020

Green Thumb is a Myth

I was chatting with my friend Edwin the other when he praised me for my flourishing mini pot farm. I told him he can do more because they have bigger ground to plant on. He replied but I do not have a green thumb. To which I replied, "believe me, green thumb is a  myth!". I know this for sure because loads of plants died under my care in the past. 

When it comes to growing plants, there are no inherent talents. You can’t just wakeup one morning and be good at gardening, it requires an effort.  If you want to learn how to keep plants alive successfully, you have to be consistent, read, research and practice to get better in time. Most importantly, you have to enjoy and love the process however tedious it may be.

If you’re new to keeping plants, start with something easy. I started with succulents and cacti then moved on to edible plants.  For edible plants I started with kangkong three years ago. I now have a steady supply of this vegetable.

It’s really quite simple. First pick a plant that you like. Plants are like humans too. They have different personalities and needs. Research about your chosen plant to figure out what it needs. The common plant needs are sunlight, water, soil and fertilizer. 

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