December 14, 2020

Christmas Recipes from The Maya Kitchen

Things may have been so different the past few months, but there’s one thing that won’t change: The Christmas season remains to be the most hopeful time of the year when you gather ‘round the table with your loved ones enjoying a spread of eats and treats that have been made from the heart. 

While the holiday celebrations may be scaled back for everyone’s health and safety, the Christmas celebrations at home can still be merrier and brighter by carefully preparing a delicious menu that the entire family will love. Here are three showstopping recipes from The Maya Kitchen that can make your Christmas spread extra delightful this season. 

Marseille Seafood Soup is a light and flavorful French soup that’s versatile enough that can include your family’s preferred seafood—it can be shrimp, squid, or clams, your call! The Maya Kitchen’s take comes out with a cheery ochre color from saffron powder. 

As Noche Buena may be a bit pared down this year, ordering a whole lechon seems too much for a single household. Your family can opt to prepare Lechon Belly with Bacon Saffron Rice Stuffing, which combines the juicy tenderness of pork belly and the irresistible crispiness of lechon, plus some earthy and sweet saffron rice stuffing surprise. 

To round out your Christmas feast, why not prepare a medley of Mini Bibingka? This time, do something beyond traditional and get adventurous in the kitchen. Make your bibingka with ube, buko pandan, coffee, or chocolate flavors. You can even take some of your bibingka up a notch by topping it with leche flan for a sweet, creamy finish or slices of salted egg for a savory kick. . 

With a delicious Noche Buena spread and the warm company of your loved ones, a scaled-down Christmas celebration can be as memorable as before—and maybe just a bit more meaningful.

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