January 23, 2021

Nathan's Famous

Day 23 of 2021 -  Craving for a taste of New York but with the pandemic it will take years before we can tour The Big Apple. So today we  tried Nathan's Famous in Greenhills for its hotdogs, burgers, fries and more. ❤ 

For this meal, we spent P2,550 for Sauerkraut Dog (P190), Chili Cheese Dog with Jalapeno (P250), 2 Bacon Cheesedog (P440), Bacon Cheesedog with Chili (P250), Large Fries (P120), Large Bacon Cheese Fries (P150), Bacon Cheese Burger (P200), Chicken Club (P225), Chicken Sandwich (P195), 5 pcs Buffalo Wings ((P400), and Large Lemonade (P130). 

What is our verdict? Cravings, more like curiosity, satisfied. Their price is a bit expensive or burgers, dogs and fries. For me, I'd definitely go back for the Sauerkraut Dog because I love the pickled veggies. John said, the burger is fine but not juicy enough for his taste. I actually find their burgers, hard to chew. Julia, Juan and Rafael said its ok and that we should try Shake Shack next time to compare it with Nathan's Famous.

We give Nathan's Famous 3 1/2 Hearts out of 5.

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