January 26, 2021

Toyota vs Mitsubishi

Day 26 of 2021- My husband and I checked out Toyota and Mitsubishi to decide if we are shifting to an automatic car. We are also choosing between Fortuner and Montero.💓

This ordinary day turned out to be one big post about the facilities, service  and the sales agent, hence we call it Toyota vs Mitsubishi. 

Disclaimer: I'm sure this is not the same for all branches and distributors of Toyota and Mitsubishi.  This is our personal experience at Toyota Shaw and Mitsubishi, Citi Motors Chino Roces.

FACILITIES: Toyota has wifi. Mitsubishi, none.

SERVICE: Mitsubishi allowed test drive. Toyota, not, because they said they are practicing safety and health protocols for COVID.

Toyota has coffee and water dispenser. Mitsubishi, none.


Toyota Agent was very courteous and accommodating. He explained the Fortuner's features very well. He only discussed about the pricing when asked.

Mitsubishi Agent did not even greeted us nor asked us to take a seat. She went straight and discussed Montero's price. When done with the pricing, she left and had another agent assist us for the test drive. The male agent was very good in explaining Montero's features. 

John and I concluded, sa pagpili at pag bili ng kahit anong bagay, malaki ang role ng mga ahente.😀

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