February 6, 2021

Pot Farming

Day 37 of 2021 - Pahinga muna sa lakwatsa at nag ani ng sari-saring gulay.💓

Kokonti kesa naman wala. Kaya ano pang hinihintay mo, subukan mag tanim kahit sa paso lang. Bawal ang tamad. 😀

Pot farming has given me so much happiness because I get to harvest, though small in size and quantity, edible plants like eggplant, okra, pepper, pechay, tomato, aloe vera and more.

The benefits of pot farming includes space savig, helps control pests and overcome soil issues, enabling the availability of home grown fresh produce without a yard. But it is important to choose a seed or a plant that was specifically developed for the compact pot so you won't be disappointed.

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