March 29, 2021

Bakasana or Crow Pose

Day 88 of 2021 - The real  struggle in doing Crow or Bakasana is the fear of falling over. Once you finally managed to get into the pose, the real challenge most yogi face is maintaining this pose for more than a few seconds. Baka, sana sa susunod I can hold the pose longer. 💓


1.  Stretch your arms forward and place your palms on the ground.
2.  Bend your arms as if you were practicing a Low Plank (Chaturanga). 
3.  Bring your knees on your outer upper arms and lift on your tippy toes.
4.  To start, bring your elbows wide so that you can place your knees up high on your upper arms.
5.  Lean towards your fingers and point your toes. Create resistance with your finger tips.Hollow the body by pulling the ribs in and rounding the back.
6.  Squeeze the elbows and the knees in. 
7.  Before you come into the pose, shift your bodyweight further forward first so that you have to grip the mat even more. 
8.  Feel the strength of your upper arms activating. Instead of dropping the head to look backwards, lift the head forward just like a turtle that comes out of its shell. Keep leaning forward toward your fingers until your feet get light. 
9.  You may want to lift the feet one by one. It’s very important here that you engage your toes.
10.  Hollow again by pulling the ribs further in, i.e. hug the midline. Suck your belly in and bring your navel to the spine. Squeeze your knees against your upper arms and your upper arms against the knees.Bring your big toes to touch and, eventually, you can straighten your arms.

(Source: Mathieu Boldron on TINT)

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