March 15, 2021

Camping Paradise and Singalong Mountain Garden in Antipolo

Day 74 of 2021 -  "Women, in more ways than one, are like yoga. Strong and flexible, loving and fierce, gentle and tough." - Brye Encarnation, BRAVE Yoga 

Happy Women's Month to all the Wonderful Women of the world! 💓

This photo was taken at Camping Paradise and Singalong Mountain Garden in Antipolo for a day tour. We were there as early as 6am. Hike started at 7am so it was just us at the summit!

John and I treated two amazing women, both moms, they deserve some time off to rest, relax, laugh, hike, eat and have a joyful two days away from the noise of the metro.

What we liked about Camping Paradise and Singalong Mountain Garden in Antipolo :

1.  Near Metro Manila.
2.  Easy trek with river for only 30 mins or less if you walk fast like us.
3.  Affordable rate.
4. Very accommodating and nice owners.

What we did not like about Camping Paradise :

1.  Kawa is small that it only covered my neck to tummy. It's supposed to be P250 for an hour per person but they only have one kawa so we had to take turns. It's a hassle to wait, time is of the essence. 
2.   Food is limited to instant noodles and some canned goods at the store in summit so make sure you order ahead of time if you want to eat a better meal.

If you wish to visit Camping Paradise at Singalong Summit in Antipolo, reservation is a MUST to follow social distancing, health and safety protocols. You may contact Ms. Yani at 09484362244. Address: Sitio Singalong Catholic Chapel, Bgy San Jose, Antipolo City.

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