March 9, 2021

Cloud 9 in Antipolo

Day 68 of 2021 - Car blessing in Antipolo Cathedral in the morning. Brunch at Cloud 9. Dinner meet up with Mommy Blogger Friend Donna of . Joined Mich and her lovely friends' 25th Wedding Anniversary. Life is great! 💓

Antipolo plays a very important role in my life. It is at Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage also known as Our Lady of Antipolo and the Virgin of Antipolo, where we prayed fervently to have children. We also bring our car here for blessing.

One of the most well-known tourist spot in Antipolo is Cloud 9 Sports and Leisure Club, which opened to the public as a restaurant in 1995.  I never went to this place because in the 90s the place is popular for drinking. I don't drink so I didn't find the place interesting until I saw the photos of Emma some five years ago on a hanging bridge.

Finally, I got to experience what Cloud 9 in Antipolo has to offer.


We visited around 9am on a weekday, so we got to secure a table at the restaurant even without prior reservation. We didn’t even have to fall in line for the hanging bridge either because there weren't too many people that day. We were able to appreciate the view and take photos at our pace. Very nice that Cloud 9's parking is free of charge!

Things to remember:

1.  The opening hours might change without prior notice, especially during these extraordinary times, so please check the official website or Facebook page before visiting.

2.  No face mask, no entry policy.

3.  Face shield is also required upon entrance.

4.  Download Antipolo or Pasig QR Code

5.  Note that visitors with higher health risks or are immunocompromised cannot enter either.

6.  Only visitors 15-65 years old are allowed inside the premises.

7.  There is a P70 fee for 360° View Deck + Hanging Bridge but it's FREE, if you are eating at Cloud 9 Restaurant (with a minimum order of P300 per person. 

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