June 8, 2021

St. Luke's Medical Center Global City

Day 159 of 2021 -  "Accidents happen and all of that, but it's how we pick ourselves up from the accidents that matters." -  Aquaria

Thank you St. Luke's for taking very good care of my husband. Most specially, thanks Jomes, Jobelle and Ate Jo for helping us during this emergency situation. 💓

After meeting a friend in Magallanes, John and I decided to bike and have coffee in BGC.  Unfortunately, before reaching the coffee shop John had a bad bike fall at the 5th Avenue last June 3.

He suffered right shoulder dislocation and fractured  right elbow. He also have contusions at the back, legs and right cheek. The ortho doctor  fixed his dislocated shoulder by doing reduction. She suggested operation for the fractured elbow but we can choose to do it at a later date. We went home around 3am, John with a cast. 

Despite this unhappy incident,  we met wonderful people. Police officers in BGC were quick to respond.  They  immediately called an ambulance, who came in just matter of short minutes.  They were good at handling John's case. The policemen, even helped bring our bikes at St. Lukes since I joined John in the emergency vehicle.

It is our first time in St. Lukes BGC since it was the nearest hospital from where the accident happened.  We were given a chance to be brought to the hospital of our choice. I'm glad we chose St. Lukes Medical Center Global City for the following reasons: 

1. Ambulance was free
2. We were not asked to make any deposit, which is always done in other hospitals.
3. The staff, from guards, utilities, nurses and doctors are all very accommodating. Walang bakas ng inis sa kanila kahit na ang dami naming tanong at worries.
4.  They were quick to respond to our needs kahit madaming ortho cases that night.
5.  Hospital is super clean.
6.  The guards at the emergency room were kind enough to give me a new face shield. 
7. We immediately knew how much money we need to prepare as they printed the list of medical procedures needed to be done for John. Each procedure has a corresponding amount so I knew how much money I needed to prepare. 
8.  There were some procedures we did not agree on, the nurses and doctors understood and respectfully asked us to just sign the waiver.  
9.  Canteen Staff  from janitor, servers and cashiers were kind enough to listen to my sad story, while John was being examined in the X-Ray Room. They even gave me free cup of rice since I only have P100 in my pocket. 
10.  With that said, St. Luke's Medical Center Global City is indeed committed to deliver state of the art and compassion healthcare.

St. Luke's Medical Center - Global City
Rizal Drive cor. 32nd St. and, 5th Ave, Taguig, 1634 
(02) 8789 7700

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