August 7, 2021


Day 219 of 2021 -  Bawal lumabas kaya madaming time para magluto. Umpisahan natin sa ginisang monggo na may kasamang Talinum. 💗

Talinum or Talilong in Filipino is a genus of herbaceous succulent plants in the family Talinaceae whose common names include fameflower and flameflower. It is widely grown in tropical regions as a leaf vegetable. It is also grown as an ornamental plant.  

The small tender leaves of the talinum can be eaten as a raw salad vegetable. The larger and more mature leaves can be cooked.

Propagate with seed or cuttings planted in sandy soil. Sow the seeds in the spring and take cuttings in the summer. The seeds are very small. To sow the seeds, mix them with some sand and sprinkle them over the potting soil. 

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