December 8, 2021

Julia and Rafael's 19th Birthday at Kingsford Hotel Manila

Since the twins are already young adult I just wait for whatever they want to do for their birthday. Originally, we were just going to spend dinner at home, but then Julia had a final exam the next day so we've agreed to have lunch at Guevarra's in San Juan. Unfortunately, Guevarra's social media staff in Facebook is not as active in replying. It was also hard to reach them in their landline number. I decide to call Luk Yuen in Greenhills. They were very accommodating. Unfortunately again, Mama and Tita will have difficulty climbing the stairs because their private venue is on the second floor.

Just a day before the twins birthday, I thought of calling Kingsford Cafe. Luckily, Cholo Vecina, OIC/Supervisor, quickly helped me arranged a seat for us.

Long story short, we enjoyed Julia and Rafael's 19th Birthday at Kingsford Hotel Manila.  We saved 50% from the total bill using Club Access Card by Megaworld.  

If you wish to get Club Access Card by Megaworld call them and look for Aldrin/Dennis.

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