June 27, 2022

Every Product Under P100 at Ikea Philippines

I've been wanting to visit Ikea Philippines the first day they opened, unfortunately we do not frequent Pasay area so it took this long to see what this biggest Ikea store in the world has to offer. 

Our trip to Ikea was actually unplanned. I, along with John, Gladys and Che, had plenty of time to burn as we were waiting for Fitness First MOA's Event for International Day of Yoga so we walked from the gym to Conrad. 

What can I say? The place is huge! It is the size of the Versailles Palace, in France, with five floors! The area is divided into nine sections: Living Room, Living Room Storage, Workspaces, Dining, Kitchen, Bathroom Furniture, Bedroom, Wardrobes and Storage, and Children's.

Things to remember on your first visit:

1.  Wear your comfiest shoes.

2.  Visit with a full stomach or bring a bottle of water and snacks because their cafe is jampacked we were not able to try their food.

3.  Go straight to the section you're most interested because you’ll likely get lost in there for hours like we did. 

4,  If you are looking for P100 and below items go straight on the third floor  in "Every Product Under P100" area. In this section you'll find  hangers, plates, reusable bags, food containers, and more. This is the section we truly enjoyed on our first visit.

5.  Bring your own eco bag or boxes. You need to wrap/pack your purchases. 

6.  Park near Ikea or Conrad so you won't have a hard time transporting your bought items.

Address: MOA Square, Mall of Asia Complex Zone 10 CBP-IA, 

Marina Way, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila

Operating Hours: Open ⋅10AM - Closes 10PM

Health & safety: Mask required · Staff wear masks · Staff get temperature checks · Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits · More details

Phone: (02) 8888 4532

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