September 19, 2022

Mt. Pulag

Being one of the coldest places in the Philippines, I knew that it will be the only challenge I needed to prepare for Mt. Pulag hike.  Truth to tell, the perpetual sub-freezing condition, plus the rain, made me chill hard enough when we reached the tower to wait for the sunrise and sea of clouds. Difficulty Level: High (due to extreme weather conditions) 2922 meters above sea level (MASL). But as son as I started walking again, the chill went away.

We took the Ambangeg Trail, which is considered the easiest, while Akiki and Tawangan trails are more challenging. I personally think the trail is the least difficult so it is recommended for beginners. It's a 8km trek with a gradual incline to the summit, which would take around 4-5 hours. Just prepare for the extremely cold weather.

Being able to experience the scenic views, grassland, pine ridges, sunrise and the sea of clouds of Mt. Pulag with my husband is forever etched in my memory bank. 

This Mt. Pulag hike is made more fun and enjoyable meeting a group of happy people namely, Iris, Angelica, Jona, Elise, Brigitte, JimBoy, Jelor, Mark, Jude, Noel. Of course the presence of Sir Saldy, whom we met at Mt. Marami hike, is very much appreciated.

Special thanks to the owner and driver of the vehicle for the safe ride. Gratitude to the organizers of this hike; Dhel of Byahero D' Pinas and Errol.

The beautiful thing about hiking is that it's truly an activity everyone can do. Whether you're young or old, an expert or an amateur, there's a trail out there that will be perfect for you. Also, consider the health  benefits of hiking and exercising Outdoors, such as, build bone density, improve Sleep Quality, boost happiness and combat depression. As the saying goes, "Sky above, earth below and peace within".

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