September 15, 2022

The Art of Tablescaping

Now that the ‘ber months have rolled in, start preparing for all the upcoming holiday entertaining at home by exploring The Art of Tablescaping, a Rustan’s Department Store home exhibition that highlights artistic tablescapes, happening until September 18 at the Grand Atrium in Shangri-La Plaza. 

The art of tablescapes has experienced a resurgence during the pandemic, and even now with people still finding more ways to elevate their dining and entertaining experiences at home. The exhibition sets out to do just that – showcase creations that took inspiration from works of different visual artists to dream up unique and tasteful tablescapes. 

Rustan’s naturally also arms us with the finest tableware and accessories from brands like Schott Zwiesel and Luigi Bormioli for glassware, Royal Doulton and Royal Albert for dinnerware, and Barnadaud, which features local artists such as the Anita Magsaysay-Ho plates to pull off these impressive tablescapes. 

Here’s everything to look forward to at the exhibition. Renowned tablescape designer Pinky  Tobiano’s classic and elegant designs are displayed at the event, one of which is a summer-inspired setting that features lemon yellows and blues. Pinky also gave a brief talk about the elements of tablescaping, her inspirations, and the Rustan’s Home brands she uses during the exhibit opening. 

Abstractionist Caress Banson is known for her sense of buoyancy, fantastic eye for detail, and control over colors. The tablescape inspired by her vibrant Punla series is a burst of yellows, greens, and reds. Țara Soriano is a painter and sculptor who specializes in wall murals and cement reliefs. The tablescape inspired by her work features a woman covered with blooms in calming colors of muted pinks and greens. Paulina Luz Sotto is an abstract artist whose works are influenced by her grandfather, National Artist Arturo Luz. 

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