November 15, 2022

Ms. Bayview Park Hotel Manila 2022

Even before the start of the program I was already silently rooting for Candidate #4,  Ms. Mikhaella Fernandez of the Front Office, because she exudes confidence without coming as too over confident. I also liked her opening words during the presentation of candidates because she included her co-candidates and the camaraderie they built during the pageant. 

She was also lucky to have gotten a nice question, "You have the opportunity to promote Bayview Park Hotel Manila to your audience now. What 3 words will you use and why?.

Mikhaella's winning ansswer: "BAYVIEW, OUR HOME". These are the Three words that I think would promote Bayview, I believe that an exceptional kind of service is always felt when you’re at home and this is the environment that Bayview Park creates, a family that would make you feel valued, comfortable, secure, and loved. Bayview employees treat each other as a family which I think is an essential part to make our guests feel at home too. And for these reasons, I can say that Bayview is definitely my home, your home, and our home. Thank you"

 Basing from my own experience with Mrs. PTA 2019, I know that joining contests the same as this is no easy feat. A lot of preparations, emotional, psychological and physical, all at the same time. With that said, I would like to congratulate the other five candidates for bravely going out there and whole-heartedly giving their best, namely:

Candidate #1 
Ms. Danise Calamasa

Candidate #2
Ms. Jhudee Reyes
Food and Beverage

Candidate #3
Ms. Rosanna Roxas
Executive office

Candidate #5
Ms. Rhona Danabar

Candidate #6
Ms. Marycris cabatic
Food and Beverage

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