All About JOY

Vibrant and passionate is the woman that JOY MENDIOLA is. She pulsates with vigor in her life journey as the very loving wife to John and the well-loved and doting mother to Julia, Rafael & Juan. 

She is all over the city! Never misses out an event and never runs out of energy! She barely sleeps but she makes sure she has time for everybody and everyone in the industry who believes in her. North to South, East to West. You will see her in every event , be it a product launch, a new restaurant, maybe a new product.. she will be there armoured with her great personality, her clever wit and sweet sweet charm. Plus of course you can trust her with your latest brand updates which you will see on her page and her Youtube channel and all her Socials. Reliable? Yes, very! 

Mind you, despite that rigorous sked the whole week, she makes sure she finds time for her yoga class that she religiously attends with her hubby John. What a pair! What dedication! And of course she takes care of the home! She has 3 beautiful children who she cares and cooks for. Sometimes even the classmates from Mandaluyong Science comes over and she whips up a storm in the kitchen to feed the kiddos though she humbly claims that she is just a frustrated cook. The school activity even goes beyond just cooking, it extends to joining the kids’ fund drives, getting as many old newspapers or plastic bottles and even joining the pageant winning it! 

Have you seen her garden? You’d be amazed, you can put together a salad or even a simple “ginisa” dish from the vegetables you will be able to harvest from her backyard. If that’s not enough Joy even puts together an outreach activity every 20th of February during her birthday. I guess that’s why she is very blessed because she knows and she remembers to always give back. 

She is a Joy to have around and to be with, intelligent, and bubby and a joy to engage in worthwhile conversations with. She can talk about anything under the sun, but she is also very humble and honest to tell you when she totally doesn’t know anything about it.   She is human. She is a mom. She is a wife. She is a woman. She is JOY! 

Join Joy and the rest of the Mendiolables as they share their home, their parenting secrets. You’ll definitely enjoy her blog. Happy reading and watching! Don’t forget to keep the comments coming!

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