September 17, 2018

To All The Boys Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is a 2014 young adult romance novel by American author Jenny Han, first published by Simon & Schuster and released on April 15, 2014. Han was inspired to write the book based on her own habit of writing long letters to boys she had crushes on as a teenager. 

Netflix turned the novel into Netflix original movie. My daughter recommended I watch it. What can I say? I like it! Even at 45, this movie is enjoyable. It brings back memories of my own crushes. Lol!

September 16, 2018

Mitch Franco

It was a fun night as John and I celebrated our 25th Year Anniversary watching Kevyn Lettau.  We truly enjoyed the night even more with the performance of Contemporary Pop, NU-Jazz, Big Band, Soul, R&B, Rock, Singer/Songwriter Mitch Franco. 

September 15, 2018

Doc May's Pet Wellness Center

Last year, all Grade 9 students of Mandaluyong Science were given tasks to do research in which topics are the students choice.  Students were given the option to choose their group mates (three for each group). Among all the students, only four were  assigned an individual research. They are RJ of Gamma and  Alex, Mona and Julia from Alpha.

As a continuation from last year, the research is to be submitted first week of October this year. We utilized the long weekend and supported Julia when we went at Doc May's Pet Wellness Center to consult with Dr. May Rulibeth L. Javier.

Doc May's Pet Wellness Center is located at A-15 Visayas Avenue, Brgy. VASRA, Quezon City. They're open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM. Sunday from 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM

Although this is a daunting task for my daughter, I was really happy to have spent the day with the whole family as we all cheered for Jules.

The day was made more joyful with the  presence of Mommy Vangie and Alex.

About Doc May:

Dr. May Rulibeth L. Javier is a Veterinarian for Small Animals in Vasra, Quezon City and has an experience of 27 years in this field. Dr. May Rulibeth L. Javier practices at Pet Lovers Animal Clinic and Emergency Services / Doc May Pet Wellness Center in Vasra, Quezon City. She completed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Central Luzon State of University in 1990. She is a member of Philippine Animal Hospital Association, Inc.,Veterinary Practitioners Association of the Philippines and Diplomate of Philippine College of K9 Practitioner. Service provided by the doctor is: Laboratory Animals.

September 14, 2018

Moymoy Lulumboy Book 5 - Ang Lihim Ng Libro

Moymoy Lulumboy, the young adult series, which received great reviews from readers and book critics, has recently launched its Moymoy Lulumboy Book 5 - Ang Lihim Ng Libro at the  Meeting Room 4 & 5, 2nd floor, SMX Convention Center, MOA Complex.

Present at the event are media, sponsors, PETA director and performers,  Jomike Tejido (MoyMoy Lulumboy Illustrator)  and the author himself, Mr. Segundo Matias, Jr.

With the growing public interest of this enchanting book, ABS-CBN acquired this Lampara Book's epic fantasy series with the plans of making it into television series, film, digital piece, merchandise and more.

Moymoy Lulumboy Book 5 - Ang Lihim Ng Libro is now available on Precious Pages outlets and other major bookstores.

Prior to the book launch, a short moving staged play was performed by PETA actors to tell the synopsis of the book. The latest installment continues with the journey of Moymoy Lulumboy as he struggles to cope up with the death of his mother Liliw and contend with his legacy as the hero that will save Gabun from evil forces. Moymoy Lulumboy, whose shape-shifting powers resemble that of an aswang, is slowly transfroming into a character with a little darkness and aggression in his soul, but whose kindness and compassion remain throughout the coming-of-age conquest.

About the Author:

Segundo Matias Jr. is a recipient of numerous literary award giving bodies, which include three Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, the Philippine’s most prestigious—known as the “Pulitzer Prize” of the Philippines—and longest running awards program. Mr. Matias has also written screenplays for major movie outfits, as well as teleplays for various TV shows before entering the world of children’s literature. He is also a publisher and has published over 1,500 books for children and young adults. He is currently taking Masters in Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines—Diliman.

About the Illustrator

Jomike Tejido is a Filipino architect, author, illustrator, and painter of his signature work, acrylic on hand-woven mats or banig in Tagalog. The unique fusion of fine art on an unconventional ground has led to six solo exhibitions in the Philippines and Singapore, among other group shows in Paris, Japan, and USA. His Latest show, Gentle Giants (Dec. 2010), is a collection of whalesharks in dreamy seascapes. 

September 13, 2018

Daniel Padilla

While lining for the buffet table at the recently concluded VIVO V11 launch, co-blogger friend Reylen of Made It Through Mum told me, "Dali na Ms. Joy andun si Daniel Padilla on the left Ipakuha ka na while he's not yet busy. I hesitated for a second whether to do what Reylen told me because it was almost my turn to the buffet table. But then again I thought of Via.  Via is my daughter's friend and classmate since Grade 7 Phoenix.

Although all Batang MandSci friends and classmates of my kids are special to me, Via and Kevin holds a very special part in my heart. They were the very first Batang MandSci who came to have groupings in our home.

A sudden flashback! I remember Julia told me that Via likes Daniel Padilla a lot! I snapped from thinking and immediately headed to where Daniel Padilla was seating.

I now understand why this young man is so popular, not only because he is a Padillla, more so because Daniel has a genuine love and gratitude for his fans. He never hesitated to greet Via when I requested him to. Bukod sa napaka gwapo, magalang din sya. Salamat din sa kangyang mag handlers at di masusungit.

Dear Daniel, thank you for making Via Happy! 

So sweet and thoughtful of Via for giving me a cake. Super happy kasi sya. Love you, V!

“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. 
The world needs more of that. ”
- Unknown