May 30, 2017

Embutido ni Mama

I was never a fan of embutido when I was young until I met my mom-in-law 1993.  It was October 24 1993 when I first tasted Embutido ni Mama. It's almost 24 years ago but I just started learning how to do this favorite dish in the #Mendiolables gathering. Embutido ni Mama is always a special request by relatives and friends.

According to, the origin of Filipino Style Embutido can be traced when Spain colonized the Philippines for three and a half centuries beginning in the middle of the 15th. During that time, the Spaniards introduced different recipes of their sausages such as Chorizo, Longaniza, and Embutido. It's for this reason why Embutido is regarded as a generic term for sausages in the Spanish language. In other words, "Embutido" belongs to a category of sausage recipes during the Spanish colonial period.

Over the years, Filipinos have created their own version Embutido and I'm  proudly sharing Mama's very own embutido recipe.

Ingredients: Ground pork, minced hotdog, hotdog cut lengthwise, celery, powdered milk, sugar, salt, pepper, onion, raisins, eggs, boiled eggs, cheese, malunggay, margarine, 

Cooking Instructions: In a bowl, combine all ingredients (except the hard boiled eggs, cheese and hotdogs  cut lengthwise) and mix well until blended. Place a mound (about one cup per roll) of meat mixture in a sheet of plastic. Put the slices of egg, cheese and hotdogs in the center of each mixture and form your desired length of embutido.When molded and rolled, place it on top of aluminum foil wrap and roll.  Steam for an hour. Remove from steamer and let cool.

May 29, 2017

High School Friends

People build friendships in different stages of life but I have to admit high school friends stays the strongest even if meeting seldom happen.

Last February Fe, went on vacation in the country and I'm so happy she contacted us for a mini reunion. We agreed to meet for just an hour or two because Fe and her husband had a lot of appoitments that day. Well, it took us til the closing hour of Shangri-La Mall before bidding goodbye.

The get together was made even more fun with our respective spouse around. 

"Remember that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends"
- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

"Friends... they cherish one another's hopes. 
They are kind to one another's dreams" 
- Henry David Thoreau

"I love everything that's old, - old friends, 
old times, old manners, old books, old wine"
 - Oliver Goldsmith

May 28, 2017

Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder Giveaway

Last week, my kids and I had fun trying the newest product from Belo Baby - Belo Baby Talc-Free Powder. And because we immediately liked the product, I'd like to make three (3) followers and readers of this blog happy. I'm giving away three (3) Belo Baby talc-free powder gift packs!

Contest Mechanics:

1. I'm giving away three (3) Belo Baby talc-free powder gift packs.
2. Each winner gets one (1) Belo Baby talc-free powder gift pack.
3. The prize will be sent via courier at the winners home or mailing address.
4. This contest starts, May 29, 2017 (9pm) and ends June 3, 2017 (9pm).
5. Announcement of winners will be on June 4, 2017. Winners will be notified via email.

Joining is easy, just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Follow this blog by clicking FOLLOW button, on the right corner, below my profile photo.
2. Like Occasions of Joy Events in Facebook -
3. Comment the name and age of your baby/kid and your email address.

May 27, 2017

Moldex Residences Aspen

It's the first time I booked an accommodation in Baguio using, unfortunately when I reached Moldex Residences Aspen there wasn't any one in the unit where I booked. I panicked because it was raining hard and there weren't enough time to find a place since my husband was too tired to drive for we left Manila at 3am.

Thank goodness for good people like Ms. Beth, the owner of Unit 202 and 203 who heard my dilemma and asked if I need a place to stay.

I'm highly recommending Ms. Beth's Unit 202 and 2003 in  Moldex Residences Aspen for three reasons. First, the condo is newly-built. Second, the unit is well-kept. Third and most importantly, the owner is kind and easy to transact with.

Moldex Residences Aspen
Ben Palispis Highway, Baguio City
Unit 202 and 2003
Ms. Beth: 0918-7592489 / 0926-9019312

May 26, 2017

Chef Didier's Table

I met Chef Didier and Merna some three years ago when Joy Felizardo invited me for an intimate merienda at the couple's condo. Then a year after to try their Brazil Spa in Makati.

Earlier this year Merna asked me to like an FB Page, Chef Didier's Table. I dutifully liked it but didn't expect they've finally moved to Baguio.

It has been 2 or 3 years since we last went to Baguio because, using my kids' words, "we're sawa na". Then I saw Merna's post Chef Didier's Table Baguio post. To cut the long story short, the #Mendiolables went to Baguio to support Chef Didier and Merna's new bed and breakfast business.

Chef Didier’s Table is a short distance from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). The concept is different from a typical restaurant, in France, it would be called “table d’hôte” (hosted table). It is only open for one group at a time, from minimum of 4 to 15. Reservations are required 36 hours ahead and confirmed with deposit. More than 20 menus are available, from regional French, to various European offerings, American, Asian, Moroccan. They can also create a customized menu according to your preferences. Breakfast, Lunch, Merienda and Dinner menus are available. In addition they also offer catering services and Chef Didier can be your private Chef in your own home for any event. Last but not least, they also offer 4 rooms for nightly stays (will soon expand to six), with choice of traditional Filipino or International Breakfast.


1. Serves merienda (minimum of 8 pax) for non-staying guests
2. Serves breakfast (minimum of 8 pax) for non-staying guests
3. Offers combination of plated and buffet for International breakfast and Filipino Breakfast, minimum of 8 pax for non-staying guests
4. Lunch and dinner starts at P249 up to 399 per person for in house guest only (minimum 4 pax).
5. If you prefer to stay at Chef Didier, overnight accommodation is P500/person with Filipino breakfast and  P600/person with international breakfast.
6. They also offer more elaborate menus and works around the clients' budget as well as dietary preferences.
7. At least 36 hours minimum advance reservation (48 is best) if you have request for certain dishes.
8. They also cater for special events at the clients' preferres venue.
9. They make cake for Free if you reserve for 12 guests.
10. For pricing and menus, consult them by calling at 0921 572 8408, or message Chef Didier's Table in Facebook.

As for the accommodation, they have 6 big rooms on the second floor that can accommodate friends and families who wish to stay overnight without the noise of the city. I must tell you honestly, if you're particular about the aesthetics, this is not the place for you because this is a simple house and it's a bit far from the commercial center. We, the #Mendiolables though love the warm accommodation, the endless talk about life, family and food with Chef Didier and Merna. More than the facade, Chef Didier's place is about great food and great company. 

I like that they do not have television on the second floor because Julia and Juan had fun with John while I watched and laughed.

About Chef Didier:

Chef Didier was Born in Paris France, but grew up in a small village where nature was generous with fresh produce, eggs, dairy and poultry. An apprenticeship in Pastry Arts in 1976 at the young age of 14 was the beginning of a long and fruitful career. The program consisted of working long hours at a nearby Pastry shop, while also attending classes at a school in the city of Versailles.  School curriculum was more on theory, math, science.

After graduating 3 years later, Chef Didier moved to the city of Nimes in the south of France, where he was employed as a commis for a prestigious Pastry, Chocolate and Ice cream shop. After returning to his home a year later he worked for 2 years in a large pastry and bakery facility supplying desserts and breads for hotels and restaurants.

With a strong desire to travel and explore the world, Chef Didier applied and was accepted for his first Pastry Chef position in Studio City California, for a high end pastry shop, he was 20 years old. Once the contract ended, returning to France was difficult and when another opportunity presented itself to go back to the US, he did not hesitate. What was supposed to be a 1 year contract turned into 21 years living in America. 

Mostly working for 5 star hotels, from Detroit, Houston, to Washington D.C, his experience matured. It was in his last 10 years in the US, that while being Executive Pastry Chef, for the prestigious St Regis Hotel that he started developing his cooking skills.

Nominated 5 years in a row as Pastry Chef of the Year by the Washington Restaurant association as well as many press reviews, TV interviews and shows, propelled him at the forefront alongside the local and national elite of celebrity Chefs.

Often the Pastry Chef chosen for Charity dinners, as his course was the last he would spend time with the other Chefs, observes and absorbs their techniques.  Surrounded by the best Chefs in America from all over the world, spending time by their sides was an amazing experience.

After leaving the US in 2005, Chef Didier’s international experience grew with jobs in North Africa, the Middle East, where he met his wife Merna, and the Philippines. 

Chef Didier was hired as Executive Pastry Chef in the pre-opening stages of Raffles/Fairmont hotel in Makati. After a year of Sabbatical to help Merna open her business, Chef Didier was brought in to open Novotel Araneta Center.

But big city stress, pollution, noise started to take its toll, and looking for a more independent lifestyle, brought Chef and Merna to the City of Pines, Baguio. 

Chef Didier's Table
Blk. 10 lot 23 Pinesville Subdivision, Baguio City
(Beside Philippine Military Academy - PMA)
 0921 572 8408