September 14, 2018

Moymoy Lulumboy Book 5 - Ang Lihim Ng Libro

Moymoy Lulumboy, the young adult series, which received great reviews from readers and book critics, has recently launched its Moymoy Lulumboy Book 5 - Ang Lihim Ng Libro at the  Meeting Room 4 & 5, 2nd floor, SMX Convention Center, MOA Complex.

Present at the event are media, sponsors, PETA director and performers,  Jomike Tejido (MoyMoy Lulumboy Illustrator)  and the author himself, Mr. Segundo Matias, Jr.

With the growing public interest of this enchanting book, ABS-CBN acquired this Lampara Book's epic fantasy series with the plans of making it into television series, film, digital piece, merchandise and more.

Moymoy Lulumboy Book 5 - Ang Lihim Ng Libro is now available on Precious Pages outlets and other major bookstores.

Prior to the book launch, a short moving staged play was performed by PETA actors to tell the synopsis of the book. The latest installment continues with the journey of Moymoy Lulumboy as he struggles to cope up with the death of his mother Liliw and contend with his legacy as the hero that will save Gabun from evil forces. Moymoy Lulumboy, whose shape-shifting powers resemble that of an aswang, is slowly transfroming into a character with a little darkness and aggression in his soul, but whose kindness and compassion remain throughout the coming-of-age conquest.

About the Author:

Segundo Matias Jr. is a recipient of numerous literary award giving bodies, which include three Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, the Philippine’s most prestigious—known as the “Pulitzer Prize” of the Philippines—and longest running awards program. Mr. Matias has also written screenplays for major movie outfits, as well as teleplays for various TV shows before entering the world of children’s literature. He is also a publisher and has published over 1,500 books for children and young adults. He is currently taking Masters in Creative Writing at the University of the Philippines—Diliman.

About the Illustrator

Jomike Tejido is a Filipino architect, author, illustrator, and painter of his signature work, acrylic on hand-woven mats or banig in Tagalog. The unique fusion of fine art on an unconventional ground has led to six solo exhibitions in the Philippines and Singapore, among other group shows in Paris, Japan, and USA. His Latest show, Gentle Giants (Dec. 2010), is a collection of whalesharks in dreamy seascapes. 

September 13, 2018

Daniel Padilla

While lining for the buffet table at the recently concluded VIVO V11 launch, co-blogger friend Reylen of Made It Through Mum told me, "Dali na Ms. Joy andun si Daniel Padilla on the left Ipakuha ka na while he's not yet busy. I hesitated for a second whether to do what Reylen told me because it was almost my turn to the buffet table. But then again I thought of Via.  Via is my daughter's friend and classmate since Grade 7 Phoenix.

Although all Batang MandSci friends and classmates of my kids are special to me, Via and Kevin holds a very special part in my heart. They were the very first Batang MandSci who came to have groupings in our home.

A sudden flashback! I remember Julia told me that Via likes Daniel Padilla a lot! I snapped from thinking and immediately headed to where Daniel Padilla was seating.

I now understand why this young man is so popular, not only because he is a Padillla, more so because Daniel has a genuine love and gratitude for his fans. He never hesitated to greet Via when I requested him to. Bukod sa napaka gwapo, magalang din sya. Salamat din sa kangyang mag handlers at di masusungit.

Dear Daniel, thank you for making Via Happy! 

So sweet and thoughtful of Via for giving me a cake. Super happy kasi sya. Love you, V!

“If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. 
The world needs more of that. ”
- Unknown

September 12, 2018

Vivo V11 Grand Launch

Vivo V11 held a grand launch yesterday at Shangri-La Fort Hotel. Present at the launch are Vivo's executives, dealers, partners, media and celebrity endorsers. Headlining Vivo's Ambassadirs are Daniel Padilla, Barbie Forteza, Maymay Entrata, Edward Barber, Kz Tandingan, Julie Ann San Jose and many more.

One of the two hosts was Inigo Pascual. Kz Tandingan and Julie Ann San Jose performed live for the guests.

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September 10, 2018

Museum Cafe and Kabila Supports Restaurants Against Hunger

Museum Cafe and Kabila Supports Restaurants Against Hunger. Restaurants Against Hunger campaign is through the initiative of global humanitarian organization, Action Against Hunger, restaurants have come together to fight child malnutrition. 

Be part of this yearly event starting  October 1 to December 1, 2018. During this period,  participating restaurants will be donating a portion of the sale of specially marked dishes on their menu to projects that aims to combat child malnutrition in the Philippines.

For Museum Cafe, their featured item is Fried Enoki Mushroom Hay and Fresh Lumpia for Kabila.

Diners can be a part of the movement to help provide food to the most disadvantaged children and their families in the country by patronizing the participating restaurants and ordering the featured dish/es labelled as “dishes that feed more”.  

So far, participants this year are Alba Restaurante Español, Aracama, Azuthai, Café Mediterranean, Calderon, Chef Laudico OK Café, Chelsea Kitchen, Chotto Matte / Izakaya Sensu, Corner Tree Café, Cyma, Friends & Family / Coconut Club, Green Pastures, Grilla, Ikomai, Ilustrado, Kabila, Museum Café, Providore, Saboten, Sangkap, Simple Lang, Sobremesa, Terraz Bistro & Meetings, Terry’s Bistro, The Old Spaghetti House, The Shrimp Shack, Wild Ginger, and The Bistro Group. 

“We hope to sign up more before the program kicks off on October 1,” said Action Against Hunger Fundraising and Resource Development Manager Dale Nelson Divinagracia. Restaurants that wish to join can simply register at  

This program is very easy to implement, inexpensive, and unites the restaurant staff and customers for a life-saving cause. This was attested during the launch by Chiqui Mabanta, owner and general manager of Corner Tree Café which has been supporting “Restaurants Against Hunger” since year one.

The campaign started on World Food Day in France in 1998 and has been implemented in Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Peru, Spain, United Kingdom, and the USA.  In the Philippines, “Restaurants Against Hunger” is on its third year has helped make it possible for Action Against Hunger to implement several programs.

The most recent was their response to the Marawi conflict where a total of 206,613 individuals benefitted from the nutrition screening and distribution of emergency food aid and hygiene kits. The organization also provided access to safe water and sanitation facilities in the provinces of Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte. Through their Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects in the areas of Masbate, North Cotabato and Maguindanao they have provided rural barangays access to clean water, created tap stands and toilets, and conducted hygiene promotion sessions to fight the spread of diseases that will lead to malnutrition.  A total of 180 Barangays were declared as Zero Open Defecation Communities, positively affecting 738,566 individuals. To maintain the culture of cleanliness, 730 Barangay Health Workers were trained to continue the work started. “Restaurants Against Hunger” has also funded  nutrition and food security, and livelihood projects in Zamboanga City for the internally displaced people that were forced to evacuate their homes during the 2013 siege.  

Based on the latest survey conducted by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology, more than 3.8 million or 33.4% of Filipino children are stunted.  This number is up from 30.1% in 2015. Stunting, also called Chronic Malnutrition refers to a child who is too short for his or her age.  It is the result of poor nutrition during early childhood.  Children suffering from stunting may never attain their full possible height and their brains may never develop to their full cognitive potential. The effects are irreversible and can last a lifetime. These children face learning difficulties in school, get sick more often, and earn less as adults. The same survey also identified 800,000 or 7.1 percent of Filipino children to be suffering from wasting. Wasting, also called Acute Malnutrition refers to a child who is too thin for his or her height.  It is the result of rapid weight loss or the failure to gain weight due to poor nutrient intake or disease. Children suffering from wasting have weakened immunity, are vulnerable to long term developmental delays, and face an increased risk of death.  

 “In 2016, Action Against Hunger and the Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques (IRIS), an international think tank that focuses on geopolitical and strategic issues, released a study entitled  "Socio-economy of Chronic Malnutrition in the Philippines: A preliminary key trends analysis by 2030” to support strategic action in fighting malnutrition in the Philippines. According to the study, the Philippines ranked 9th among countries with the highest number of stunted children,” revealed Action Against Hunger Country Director, Guy Halsey. “It’s imperative that we take steps to stop the upward trajectory of malnutrition in the country.  Restaurants Against Hunger is a start and everybody can participate. We can all channel our passion for food into life-saving impact against hunger and child malnutrition,” he added. 

Restaurants Against Hunger is co-presented by McCormick Culinary.  Sponsors are Foodpanda, Marca Leon, and Mida Food. Supporting the campaign are the LTB Chefs Association Philippines and The Spanish Chamber of Commerce. Collaborators are Acceler8, Digital Out-of-Home Philippines, Nyxsys Philippines, Pitchworks Incorporated, and Summit Outdoor Media.  

To know more about the campaign, visit or follow these social media accounts @RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH and @ActionAgainstHungerPH on Facebook, @RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH on Instagram and #EndHungerPH on Twitter. #RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH

September 9, 2018

Kevyn Lettau

Kevyn Lettau is a Brazilian jazz vocalist, competent on keyboards and saxophone. She scored success in the United States in the early 1990s with her albums Kevyn Lettau and Simple Life. Kevyn's song, Sunlight, played a big role in my love life with John, who was then my boyfriend. Sunlight was a big hit during that time when John and I started dating. I like that song because it basically tells my feeling for John.

Thanks much to Cherry Burwell of The Big Difference for this advance 25th Year Anniversary Concert Tickets!

Watch the world go by in silence
Deep in the night in silence
Time going by so slow
I think about the morning
And it warns my heart
Because tonight I'm going back to the one I love
And by tomorrow with the dawn I'll be there
And he'll be beside me
Sunlight, oh, sunlight
Bring me the love I'll need to guide me
Shining deep inside of me
Sunlight, oh, sunlight
Show me the way
I look at the stars and I pray for morning 
Counting the hours till morning
Thinking about his smile
His sweet smile
I'm standing on a promise of a brand new day
I couldn't face another night staying home alone
I know he needs me just as much as I need him
So, baby, I'm coming home
Sunlight, oh, sunlight
Bring me the love I'll need to guide me
Shining deep inside of me
Sunlight, oh, sunlight