April 23, 2017

Progressive Education at Montessori de San Juan

Although I am a successful product of  traditional education, where students were required to sit long hours and endure learning systems that emphasize strict standardization, I believe that in today's fast-paced, lateral-thinking, and creative-driven world more students are losing interest in the use of just pen and paper.

Whether parents accept it or not, children of today lose their  interest in studying because of rote memorization and repetitive instruction. Young ones are now more interested in learning why and how things are done rather than filling their  minds with a storage-full of information, including complex equations, formulas, important historical dates, and scientific facts. By doing so, their creative thinking can become inhibited affecting their curiosity to learn and spark of ideas to dwindle.

This is a significant point, especially in today’s world. Although traditional methods of education have produced some of history’s most brilliant minds, it appears that the past two decades have seen a radical shift in terms of equipping students with effective skills for real-world success. Whether in a literary or purely biological sense, human beings are born to discover and as we all know, life is rarely ever regimented.

Due to numerous success stories regarding progressively educated children, Progressive Education is now gaining popularity, such is the case of Montessori de San Juan. 

I live quite near in Montessori de San Juan and know a lot of parents who have kids enrolles in this school. Despite being branded as an elite school, school remains grounded in its mission to cultivate students who love learning so much, and learn so well, that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned in the future. From all indications, it is fulfilling this mission remarkably well.

Sandy Arellano of the Montessori de San Juan School is a passionate educator and an advocate of this progressive type of learning. “I believe what is happening now is that schools and parents are too fixated on the effect, which is good academic performance,” she explained. “I can tell you through years of experience, however, that doing well in school is the natural result of a happy, motivated, and well-adjusted student. So why not focus diligently on the cause, rather than the effect?” Arellano further emphasized.

Arellano admits that part of Montessori de San Juan’s core objectives is to address the drawbacks of traditional schooling that often result in lethargic, poor-performing children. This includes over-scheduled students, too much note-taking and not enough attention to the actual lessons, over-cramming information in a short period of time, an unreasonable amount of homework (which often goes unsupervised during the actual process of completion), and a one-size-fits all mentality for learners. “Are our students less busy or less equipped? Quite the opposite. Our children have such a love for learning, and a genuine excitement to go to school and practice what they are taught, that they consistently end up scoring higher than their peers in standardized tests,” she pointed out. 

Moreover, Arellano believes that schools should likewise make a determined effort to to provide students with an environment that makes them feel empowered rather than constrained. “Each student is an individual, and different from all others. Children have their own special way of learning and understanding things. Attempting to fit all of them into a rigid and standardized structure may not maximize their full potential,” she noted.

Accordingly, a small class size is paramount to knowing the needs of each and every student. In Montessori de San Juan, there are around 150 students from grades 1 to 12, with approximately 12-15 students per class. With a class size like that, it is easy to gauge whether a students is a visual, tactile or auditory learner, and from there, this is how teachers assess their approach to the students. “Another issue nowadays is how too much time is spent presenting the material, leaving very little time for practice – thus leading to piles of homework. In our school, everything is worksheets, modules, and hands-on activities related to the subject matter,” Arellano added. Also, in the classroom setting, students are grouped in wider age spans, namely 3-6, 7-9, and 10-12. This helps them form relationships and bonds with kids of different ages. 

As the students get older, the teaching method becomes semi-progressive, semi-traditional setup, adding textbooks into the mix. With age comes a bit of homework, which is kept at a minimum since teachers assess their students through their performance in the classroom. “Our classroom activities involve 90 percent application and only 10 percent discussion, so a lot of the kids are able to see the practicality and the use of the subject matter they are learning. We try to show them the direct applications to what they are learning,” Arellano concluded.

Due to numerous success stories regarding progressively educated children, Montessori de San Juan is gaining quite a reputation as an elite school. Despite this, however, the school remains grounded in its mission to cultivate students who love learning so much, and learn so well, that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned in the future. From all indications, it is fulfilling this mission remarkably well.

To learn more about Montessori de San Juan, contact 725-6306 or 239-1102, or visit montessoridesanjuan.com.ph

April 22, 2017

Healthy Family Lunch at DS Cafe

Teaching children to eat healthy is every parent's duty. It will not be as effective if you just allow the young ones to eat regularly at fast food chain. It is imperative that mom and dad to be good role models to encourage healthy eating for the whole family.

Take it from us, #Mendiolables, as we had healthy family lunch at DS Cafe.

 DS Cafe
Diana Stalder, 5f Megamall
984 8188


Yesterday at Elements at Eton Centris, Quezon City, Manila Water launched “HEALTHY FAMILY MINI BOTTLE” purified water, which aims to address the drinking water needs of households.

Leveraging on the expertise and operational excellence of Ayala-led Manila Water, Manila Water Total Solutions’ latest product offering is  is a 5-gallon bottled water especially formulated and customized to the drinking needs of the whole family.  Unlike your neighborhood water stations, Healthy Family utilizes a fully-automated ‘closed-loop’ production system eliminating human intervention to prevent contamination.  The shelf life of each bottle is up to six months.  Full-time microbiologists analyze samples daily in an in-house laboratory compliant with international standards further ensuring that the water is of superior quality. It is guaranteed by both the Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration.

Healthy Family is not just simple bottled water.  It provides peace of mind to its customers.  Beyond the quality product is the quality service it aims to deliver every time.  Distributors have been trained on inventory management, product handling and customer service.

April 21, 2017

Art Karnival at Sky Garden in SM North

I grew up in Quezon City and SM City North EDSA was the closest mall to my place. Now that I live in Manila, I seldom visit the place so it was great to be back via Mich invite to cover  Art Karnival at the Skygarden in SM North, which will run from April 21 to June 12, 2017.

The exhibit, which runs the entire length of the Skygarden, showcases unique installation pieces by each featured young artists, namely, Anjo Bolarda, Bato, Blic, Garapata, Jeffrey Jay Jarin and Tyang Karyel.

Each piece in this exhibit was carefully selected and curated for the space by Vinyl on Vinyl and placed in areas that would bring not only the art piece itself to life but the surrounding area as well. As mall-goers walk the meandering path, installation pop out at them, drawing their eyes to their surroundings, stimulating interest. This whimsical almost fantasy-like world perfectly complements Skygarden's tenants.

This is definitely a different experience for mall-going clients through a voyage of discovery of the visual arts, initiated by  SM City North EDSA through a partnership with Vinyl on Vinyl, one of Manila's hippest contemporary art galleries.

April 20, 2017

ELRO Retail Corporation Summer Specials

Summer is that time of the year to bring out shades, UV clearms, tanning lotion and of course, those fashionable sleeperes that will complete  your summer OOTDs!

Here are various styles that will definitely maintain your glam chic look even on a hot weather.

For a more sophisticated yet lighter look this summer, Grendha offers the (Left) Grendha Is Raizes priced at  PHP 1,095.00, and the  (Right) Grendha Exclusive Sand AD priced at PHP 1,495.00. Be simply chic, simply beautiful, as you bare this feet this summer with these 2 stunning collections. Another go getter this summer is Grendha’s Is Natural Sand Ad. Priced at Php1695, this all around style will surely bring out the modern elegance vibe, fit for any occasion.  

Now if you’re feeling hip and boho, the Zaxy Glass Sand Ad is a sure win. This nude strappy sandal doesn’t only feel light and look light , but it’s extremely stylish and goes with any color. Priced at Php1295, this value for money sandal will bring out the goddess in you.

Another hippie variation is the Zaxy Vibe I Sand, priced at Php1,595. Experience ultimate comfort like you’re walking on a yoga mat. The softness that it brings will definitely relax your feet. Dress down with comfort as you pair this neutral sandal with your coolest summer get up.

The Ipanema Summer Pastel collection called Class Fem comes in 4 different colors. For a lighter vibe, it offers Pink, Blue and Green, and of course, for those that would always want a neutral look, the same style is available in Black. This style is priced at Php1,295 and is available in selected Ipanema and Bambu Stores nationwide. Likewise, this is available in select SM Department stores (The SM Store) , Shoe Salon, and Landmark Department Stores.

Another style to for this summer is Ipanema’s Classic POP Fem. This style will definitely make an impression as it  exudes a vibe of individualism, freedom and liberation. The perfect fit for you to relax this summer as leave behind all excess baggage and keep your calm. Show off your feet and make a statement! The Ipanema Classic POP Fem is also priced at Php1,295.

If you’re not one of those who’d spend your summer lounging in the beach, there’s still a perfect pair for you. Gola brings you the pastel collection of the WASP. This sneaker will amp your style even if you just want to dress down and be comfortable with what you wear. Priced at Php3295, a true catch for a pair that offers both style and comfort.


From work, to shopping, to island hopping and more, your feet are the most exhausted with all your activities. It carries your body weight while it takes you to every place at your whim. Pampering your sole with a foot massage may be good, but reward it with something better, something that can last and be felt longer, like a comfortable footwear that will still keep your style at bay. And the best part is you can do this when you go to ELRO’s Shoe Holiday.

Shoe Holiday Summer Adventures is ELRO’s biggest Summer promotion where renowned brands like Ipanema, Grendha, Rider, Zaxy, Gola, Sofft and Anacapri will all be available at a special discount. All brands in all stores nationwide (Bambu, Ipanema Store, The SM Store, Shoe Salon, Robinsons Dept. Store, Landmark Dept. Store, Olympic Village , TAF and a lot more) will be carrying 20% discount on new collection and regular items, while other selected items will be priced at 30% off.

What’s more is that there will be exciting games that await in select stores (Bambu Trinoma, Bambu Glorietta, Bambu Nuvali, SM North Edsa Dept. Store, Shoe Salon MOA, Shoe Salon Magnolia, Shoe Salon Glorietta, Shoe Salon Ermita,  Shoe Salon Trinoma, Sports Central MOA) where customers can win exciting prizes like  towels , accessories, umbrella and shirt. To top it off they can get a chance to win a trip to Bohol for their Summer Adventure when they visit the said stores.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite brand at any store to avail of the discount and visit the select stores for the games and raffle. Now that’s a holiday treat for your sole.

Ipanema, Grendha, Rider, Zaxy, Gola, Sofft, and Anacapri are exclusively distributed by ELRO Retail Corporation. Visit www.elroretail.com for more information.