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Lyn's Baked Tahong na Hindi

Not all kids enjoys tahong (mussels), but when my friend Lyn cooks mussels with garlic and cheese, my kids will surely sit and eat tahong.

Every time we have get together or cookout, we always request Lyn to bring her mussel dish, which we call  Lyn's Baked Tahong na Hindi.

The first time I tasted this dish, I thought Lyn baked it. Hindi pala, hence, I called it Lyn's Baked Tahong na Hindi.  

First, Lyn boil the mussels, let it cool. Watch the video for the rest of the procedure on how Lyn prepares this Baked Tahong na Hindi. 

Lyn's Baked Tahong na Hindi

Benefits of Eating Mussels:

Mussel gives a good amount of certain vitamins and minerals that help support your health like Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin B12.

About two-thirds of the iron in your body is present in hemoglobin, the protein in your red blood cells that moves oxygen to your muscles and tissues. Adequate iron intake might also boost your immune system so you get sick less often. Iron plays a role in cell growth and differentiation as well.

One of the primary roles of zinc is to support a strong immune system. The mineral also aids in wound healing and cell division. Zinc encourages normal growth and plays a role in your ability to taste and smell as well.

Vitamin B12 encourages proper production of red blood cells and helps your neurological system work normally. The vitamin also plays a role in DNA synthesis, and might help protect you from developing cardiovascular disease.



EXPO MOM, the annual gathering of urban moms in Manila, is happening on May 16-18, 2014 (Friday to Sunday) at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center, Palm Drive, Makati. 

Three days of our MOMPRENEUR MARKET, booths showcasing fave MOM, BABY & KID BRANDS, ONSTAGE TALKS & ACTIVITIES. 

expo mom 2014


Meeca's Mojos

I worked in Shakey's Restaurant for almost a year back in 1991 but I never bother to check how they prepare the famous mojos. 

Last week Meeca and her mom, Tita Gaye cooked mojos, which reminded me of Shakeys because it tasted like one.

Yesterday, I asked Meeca to teach me how she cooks mojos.

Ipanema's Sole to Goal Promo

Get a chance to be one of the 3 LUCKY WINNERS  Ipanema's Sole to Goal Promo, wherein Ipanema will be flown in to Brazil to watch the FIFA World Cup! 

Joining is so easy.  

1. Just buy a pair of Ipanema in any participating store nationwide.
2.  Fill up the entry form and enter the promo code from the store.

Ipanema slippers

Get a chance to enjoy the colorful Brazilian Culture and experience the thrill of watching Football’s biggest event live in Brazil! Hurry, the promo runs from March 15 - May 15, 2014 only!