January 18, 2018

Inax Immersion at Okada Manila

LIXIL, the Japanese global leader  in shower seat technology, has once again set the recors in terms of comfort and luxury as they hosted Inax Immersion at Okada Manila.  The event was a success with the full attendance of Lixil's top executives, guests, media. Even actress and singer Zsa Zsa Padilla was there.  Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez hosted the event.

Lixil on its milestone 50th year continues to spearhead  innovation, inventing and reinventing smart toilet systems, producing world-first technologies, and  developing  the most  advanced sanitary ware products    that   shape the market  and enhance  living spaces. Inax, with its Plasmacluster Technology  that cleans even the air after every use;  its  hands-free convenience with its fully automated system delights,  and its   automatic seat and cover with a built-in sensor to open and close its lid whenever it detects the presence of a user simply amazes the indulged guest. Inax deodorizer kicks into action instantly. Another hands-free feature is competently demonstrated in its fully automatic flushing action where flushing will occur as soon as the user steps away from the toilet.

To xperience Inax and its fine bath products at Okada Manila or email customerserviceph@lixil.com 

January 15, 2018

Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia Trip in 10 Days

John and I used to travel a lot but the last time we went on an out of the country trip was in 2001. We got busy as I took medical care under Dr. Roger Mendiola to conceive. Luckily, we had the twins in 2002. After 3 years I got pregnant again and gave birth in 2006. From then on, our travels were all Philippines bound, bringing the yayas and any relatives and friends who'd like to join us.

When the twins turned 7, I planned for a Hong Kong Disneyland tour but it was cancelled. Every year since then, I'd book and pay for a trip but would always be cancelled due to the class schedules of my kids and weather.  Last July, I booked a Singapore trip at the Travel Fair. I didn't tell my kids about it right away because I was afraid their class schedules might change again.

To cut the long story short, the weather and class schedules finally agreed and allowed us to travel. Again and again, I'm thankking my friends Ampeloquio Family, Vangie, Honey and Family for helping and accommodating us for this Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia Trip in 10 Days.

Singapore isn't only the most expensive city in Southeast Asia – it's the most expensive city in the world, topping the Economist Intelligence Unit's 2016 Worldwide Cost of Living survey for the third year in a row. That said, I made sure to maximize our time there. For 10 days, this was our jampacked itinerary:

Oct 23  6pm Naia
Oct 24 Arrived Sing Airport at 1am
            Stayed at Vanj Cua's place til 7am
            Early check in at Costa Sands at 9am
            Universal Studios at 10am to 6pm
Oct 25 - Costa Sands
              Sea Aquarium
              Tour around Sentosa, Vivo City
               Merlion Light Show at night
Oct 26 -  Madame Tussauds
               Checked in at Marina Bay Sands
               Helix Bridge         
Oct 27 -  Marina Bay Sands
               Shopping and sight-seeing
               Back at Vanj place to sleep
Oct 28    Indonesia
               Went at Ampeloquoi's place to catch up and stay for the night
Oct 29   Checked in at Legoland Hotel
Oct 30    Legoland
Oct 31    Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur
Nov 1      KL Airport 820am
                Arrived Manila, Naia 1215pm

Legoland, Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia

January 14, 2018

HMR is a Place Where Special People Meet

John and I have been shoppers of HMR since they started many years ago. We like this store because they carry unique items from different countries, and they sell it at reasonable prices.

Aside from that, HMR is a place where special people meet. In this video, I'm not pertaining to Billy Crawford and his girlfriend na pilit na pilit ngumiti when I approached her. Billy was nice and accommodating though.

This post is all about Belle Baranda and Donna Donor.

Donna is my co-blogger. I remember her thru her son Kib. I'm a fan of Kib since day one I met him in an event. He is a very smart boy. Donna and I get to chat from time to time. There's trust between us. Yung wala kang mararamadamang arte. No holds barred kumbaga.

Belle, oh Belle. W'eve known each other online for almost 5 years because we have a common enemy (lol). We've planned to meet several times but to no avail.

Finally, nagkita din kami, accidentally at HMR. Kaya nga ang title ng post na ito ay HMR is a Place Where Special People Meet. 

January 13, 2018

Baby Pink Katre Leather Bag

According to fashion experts, pastel colors are in this 2018. This pretty in baby pink Katre leather bag is makin'  me happy wherever I go.💖👜💗

It can go from daily to rugged to casual clothes.

I even brought it to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia because it can carry a lot of stuff.

For quality leather bags that's proudly Philippine made, check out Katre and support local business that helps our kababayans and our economy. Here's another pretty in baby pink Katre Leather Bag.

SHOWROOM: 1/F ATC Building, 148 Katipunan Ext., St. Ignatius, Quezon City. By Appointment.
(02) 791 8727
SHANGRI-LA PLAZA: Styled Pop Up Store, 2/F East Wing, Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City. 


January 12, 2018

The Spa Trinoma

When it comes to massage, acupuncture or quiet family bonding I always go to Footzone in Makati. It is the place where I heal my mind, heart and soul.

Last week as I wait for my friend Lyn and co-blogger Nimfa, I decided to spend a serene time at The Spa Trinoma. I've been to other The Spa branches in the past but the therapists assigned before were not that good in terms of massaging.

This time, with Kaina, I was happy with her service.  She was able to hit the spot, the body part, that needed healing.

Shoutout also to the very nice and accommodating receptionist, Trish, who looks a  lot like Kim Chiu and some Korean superstars.

Gratitude to Ms. Naida Acosta of housekeeping for keeping me company 
while I wait for the Spa to open. I was there an hour early.  She helped me find my way. 
I couldn't see anything because I forgot to bring my glasses (forgetfulness = to aging).

"I actually think sadness and darkness
 can be very beautiful and healing."
- Duncan Sheik