July 1, 2015

Pan de Amerikana

It's the first day of my birthday month and what better way to start is to post my overdue Pan de Amerikana feature. This was supposed to be a Valentine's Day feature since it's the first time that John and I went on a date on February 14 in 22 years. We hate crowded places so we just stay home every hearts day.

#92 General OrdoƱez corner Maroon St. Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Contact number: 475-23-98

June 30, 2015

Review: Master Hanz Cua's Intuitive Tarot Reading

I was disturbed with a problem somebody caused me last year. Although not afraid, I was restless because I'm not used to having an issue like that.

As I was shopping at Shangri-La Plaza last April 2015, I saw Master Hanz kiosk while having a tarot reading with a client. I waited for them to finish and submitted myself to Master Hanz' Intuitive Tarot Reading.

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading is done using intuition – that gut feeling or first instinct that comes to you when you look at a card. Intuitive readings leave each card open to interpretation within the context of the question and the other cards in the spread by using the artwork, the cards themselves, the symbols and how it makes you feel. It is a gut reading more so that regurgitation of memorized definitions.

Tarot Cards are powerful tools for those with the ability to interpret the cards. I must say that Master Hanz is an expert on this area. He was able to read the intention of the person who was causing me that discomfort. Master Hanz even advised me to consult my lawyer as the tarot cards indicated I have all the evidence and right to bring the true nature of this person to be able to help those that this person victimized in the past.

After the Intuitive Tarot Reading, Master Hanz did some ritual that helped me battle all the negative forces around me. Charms are also available at Master Hanz Cua's booth.

Master Hanz helped me lose those worries. His readings was all correct.Thanks, Master Hanz!!!

Aside from Intuitive Tarot Reading, Master Hanz Cua's services includes Chinese Astrology, Face and Palm Reading and Feng Shui.  Let Master Hanz help enhance your business or personal life, book an appointment, contact Master Hanz: +63922-829-03-82 Hanz_cua2002@yahoo.com.

June 29, 2015

Surprise 50th Birthday Party

I'll like throwing surprise parties to people I love so receiving an invite for a surprise party for Jojie's 50th birthday was great!

This party was not an easy feat because Jojie resides in America, while her daughter, father, relatives and friends are all here in the Philippines. This successful surprise party wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of Jojie's daughters, Elaine and Elieza , and Jerry (Jojie's husband).

The wine poured and the music rolled, as Jojie watched her family and friends danced, played and honored her as she turned 50. My hearty congratulations to the golden girl, you deserve all the joy!

June 28, 2015


I used to make pudding when I was a teenager. I'd cook it like the leche flan way by steaming it. But it was only me who'd finish it so I stopped making pudding.

Last week as  I can't sleep, I saw we had a lot of pandesal, and becauseI hate wasting food and stuff I decided to make pudding.  This time I didn't steam, I baked four flavors of heart-shaped pudding - regular, banana, apple and blueberry.

Juan was the only one awake so he was the first to taste test...

Juan: Oh, Mom, you nailed the pudding! It's yummy but I must admit, the mango pudding is the best.
Me: There's no mango pudding. That's apple pudding.
Juan: That's how good you are, Mom, you made the apple taste like mango!


June 27, 2015


Lugaw is rice porridge in the Philippines. I've tried to cook lugaw just twice. The first time was not successful so I made sure today is a different story. At dahil na inspire ako ng todo sa sarap ng lugaw na ito, nakagawa pa ako ng tula mula dito!

Ang lugaw  ay parang buhay 
Maraming pagpipilian na minsan ay nakakaumay

Ang plain lugaw, walang kumplikasyon
Tulad ng buhay na simple ang kundisyon

Ang lugaw na ang sahog ay katamtaman
Ay kahalintulad ng buhay na malinamnam naman

Ang lugaw na kumpleto ang rekado
Pero parang buhay na di pa din  makuntento. 

Kung ano pa naman ang nais mong lugaw
Dapat ito'y di masyadong masabaw upang hindi umapaw

Ibahin ang buhay,
Ito ay dapat mag-umapaw 
Sa pagmamahal at pagbibigay

Bago ang mundo ay magunaw. 
-Joy Mendiola
June 26, 2015