January 19, 2018

Daranak Falls

Daranak Falls is one of Tanay, Rizal's pride. It is located at Bgy. Tandang Kutyo, at the foot of Tanay Mountain. Depending on the traffic, it takes about an hour and a half drive from Manila.  We reached the place in 45 minutes because we went there at 7 in the morning.  We were told that the 14-meter high falls is a favorite location shooting for movies and big television networks' telenovelas.

Expect that this place is very crowded during summer. We were advised that January and February are the best months to visit, and make sure it's a weekday.

Martessem Mountain Resort

El Nido Palawan is one of the most beautiful places John and I visited. We've met a lot of international and local tourists. Among them, we enjoyed most the conversations we had with Mike Catuira from Tanay and his friends.

Although we've explored Tanay in the past, we haven't heard of Martessem. Well because Mike said it just recently opened last year. He highly recommended Martessem for its stunning sea of clouds view. That conversation was last July 2017 and was only able to finally visit Martessem early today. 

We didn't get to see the sea of clouds but we enjoyed the trip, we like the view, the cold weather and  their coffee which is good enough to make us stay for the whole day and just stare at the lovely site of nature. As Greg Anderson once said, "Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."
We're definitely going back, next time with the kids, to see that sea of clouds. What we did for a half day tour? We had unlimited coffee for P50 each. John ate tapsilog (forgot the exact amount). We took photos and videos. We wanted to see the rooms, they only have 7 room for now, but they have a wedding so it was fully booked.

For now, feel free to watch our quick getaway from Manila.

Martessem Mountain Resort
KM58, Lansangang Marikina-Infanta, Bayan ng Tanay, Lalawigan ng Rizal
(02) 697 1170

Mommy Mundo's Preschool Fair

Choosing the best pre-school isn't that easy. I know that for a fact since I have three children. Make it easy for yourself, moms and dads by joining Mommy Mundo's Preschool Fair will take place this January 27 (Saturday) at Top Shelf in Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The event will feature some of Manila’s top preschools for toddlers and young children. There will also be talks on early child development, developmental play, and technology use during the fair.

Over the years, Mommy Mundo has always offered an avenue to help parents decide on the best preschool suitable for their children through Mommy Mundo’s Preschool Fair. This concept was one of the first events Mommy Mundo Founder, Janice Villanueva, started with when she launched her parenting advocacy events back in 2000. In this event, Mommy Mundo gathers top preschools in Manila, and ask them to showcase their portfolio through an interactive exhibit --- where parents and kids could come and learn more about the schools and raise questions or inquiries directly to the teachers & instructors.

January 18, 2018


I am currently subscribed at 5 Languages of Love site and I'm lovin' it because they send emails that is helpful for all human relationships.  

Today's email is all about Anger. Sharing here...

Hi Joy,

In all human relationships, people will find certain behavioral characteristics irritating. Though the particular behaviors may differ, the resulting irritations often stir anger within us. For the most part, this anger is a distorted anger. By that I mean that the other person's behavior is not usually morally wrong; he or she has not perpetrated an evil against us. Their behavior simply violates our preferences. If the relationship is a close relationship and the person is one with whom we spend a great deal of time, such as in family or vocation, it is sometimes helpful to seek to mitigate these irritations by requesting change. Please notice I said requesting, not demanding or manipulating. None of us responds well to a demanding or manipulative approach. If we have a generally positive relationship, however, most of us are willing to respond well to requests.

The bottom line is that in most relationships, assuming we feel loved and respected by the other person, most of us are willing to make changes if they come in the form of a request rather than a demand. Such requests and subsequent changes can alleviate many of the irritating behaviors that stimulate anger.

If you'd like to receive emails such as this, subscribe at 5lovelanguages.com

January 17, 2018

Inax Immersion at Okada Manila

LIXIL, the Japanese global leader  in shower seat technology, has once again set the recors in terms of comfort and luxury as they hosted Inax Immersion at Okada Manila.  The event was a success with the full attendance of Lixil's top executives, guests, media. Even actress and singer Zsa Zsa Padilla was there.  Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez hosted the event.

Lixil on its milestone 50th year continues to spearhead  innovation, inventing and reinventing smart toilet systems, producing world-first technologies, and  developing  the most  advanced sanitary ware products    that   shape the market  and enhance  living spaces. Inax, with its Plasmacluster Technology  that cleans even the air after every use;  its  hands-free convenience with its fully automated system delights,  and its   automatic seat and cover with a built-in sensor to open and close its lid whenever it detects the presence of a user simply amazes the indulged guest. Inax deodorizer kicks into action instantly. Another hands-free feature is competently demonstrated in its fully automatic flushing action where flushing will occur as soon as the user steps away from the toilet.

To xperience Inax and its fine bath products at Okada Manila or email customerserviceph@lixil.com