February 19, 2008


My twin kids, Julia nad Rafael are in Kinder School. One day Rafael was so happy to announce that he already have a crush. This conversation with my son Rafael happened a few months ago...

Rafael : You know Mommy my crush in kinder 1 is Sarah.

Me: Oh, and why do you like her?

Rafael: Because me and Sarah, we talk about dirty things.

Me: (Gasps in horror! But I managed to ask my son... Ok what dirty things do you talk about?

Rafael: Sarah told me that her baby brother likes swimming in a dirty water. And I told her that when I was a baby I poopoo in our car and in our bed, and our floor, that's why our things got dirty.


  1. LOL! your kids are funny,they are smart too.

  2. niyay!! dirty nga!! ;)

    hello!! :)

  3. Min: Hi! Long time no hear...how do you do?

    Jay: hope to see you again...

    Peachkins: have I followed your blog na?

  4. Decent dirty talk naman pala, Mommy! No need to worry! LOL!


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