February 26, 2008



My whole family watched Over the Hedge last year but I didn’t understand a thing. Why? I slept in the movie house. This is becoming a bad habit, so my husband said next time they will not bring me anymore. Since then I fought off my sleepiness.

Finally when this movie came out in DVD, my husband bought because the kids really like this one. They have watched this movie over a hundred times now, but every time they watch this, I seem to be sleeping. Finally today, I was able to finish it!

I find the movie funny but there are scenes that I particularly don’t agree on. I suggest parents watch this with their kids so that they can explain to them that some scenes must not be copied/done at all.


A scheming raccoon fools a mismatched family of forest creatures into helping him repay a debt of food, by invading the new suburban sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating...and learns a lesson about family himself

Director: Tim Johnson & Karey Kirkpatrick

Composer: Rupert Gregson-Williams

Bruce Willis
Steve Carell
Garry Shandling
Wanda Sykes
William Shatner
Nick Nolte
Allison Janney
Thomas Hayden Church
Eugene Levy
Catherine O’Hara
Avril Lavigne etc.

Rated PG for some rude humor and mild comic action.

Genre: Children's

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