April 19, 2010

New World Out There

I have been blogging since January 2008 (that's more than two years in blogging) and you can see that clearly on my blog archive. And though I have been furiously writing about destinations, places, travels and other personal stuffs, I am a real novice when it comes to blogging. Only recently that I discovered the word domain, web site hosting and url. I was not even aware those words existed before. Where in the world have I been? I remember years ago, I tried learning about programming, computer and the likes. I even enrolled in a short course about programming. And so you think I learned? I got scared. No that's not the way to describe, it was too complicated for my taste.

And now that I am trying to break into my usual self and trying to understand blogging more, I have come to understand words such as domain hosting. And form what I heard, this is when you avail of a hosting service for your website. And what is hosting? This is the service you avail when you want to put your own site. And though I still cannot digest this all, I think I knew a place to go to when I need this kind of service. I heard that there are a lot of hosting companies on the market and with that, I have to be careful when choosing one. I want a service that is worth my money, most hosting service are not free.

Of course, you won't be reading business hosting topics here, I leave that to expert bloggers. They are the ones who can give you more information about that. Thought writing about this stuff can be refreshing (specially for my loyal readers, a new topic can be fun). But of course I will still focus on travel and topics that I am more comfortable talking about.

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