May 31, 2010

Cosmopolitan Philippines - First-ever EyeBall

70 lucky members had the time of their lives at the exclusive party Cosmo threw for them (I'm included!).

Cosmo Interns man the registration outside the Fuel Bar at the Fort.

The Fashionably Early Birds with the Cosmo Hunks.

Cosmo Girls I met in the EB

Was so happy meeting Zo Aguila, Cosmo Phils. Editor-in-Chief, in person. She's absolutely nice and super gorgeous in her new hairstyle.

The bubbly Trixie Reyna, Managing Editor of

Zo, welocoming Cosmo girls.

The people behind the very successful Cosmopolitan.
It wouldn't be Cosmo-ish without sizzling games like this: Marshmallow Kiss, a relay game where contestants have to pass marshmallows using only their mouths.

Banana Snack Game. The girls hand are tied behind their backs. The guys are blindfolded and then made to spin in circles for a few seconds. They the hunks try to feed the girls the 2 bananas they're holding.

Funny Bones Game was a bit like twister minus the Twister mat.

Winner of the Funny Bones Game.

Winners in the Banana Snack game.

Winners of Marshmallow Kiss game.

The fourth and last game, Mark Your Man, was the naughtiest. Can't show photos here, just log on


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