June 14, 2010

DoDo Land

My 4 year old youngest son has been a source of Joy for the whole family, especially me. He's so funny, he makes comments that really amazes me. Every night, before we go to sleep we pray Angel of God. Last night, he was telling me about the DoDoLand (by the way he has a GreenLand too,talk about that next time).

Our conversation went like this:

Juan: You know Mommy how they pray in the DoDoLand?

Me: How?

Juan: In the name of the dodo, and the dodo and the dodo. Dodo.
Angel of the Dodo, my guardian dodo, to whom dodo's do. Ever this dodo, be at my dodo, to light and dodo, to rule and dodo,
Me: (trying very hard to contain my laughter) o sige na, enough na yan, sleep na tayo. I love you anak.
Juan: You know mommy how they do that in DodoLand?
Me: What?
Juan: They do I love you in DoDoLand this way... I DoDo you.
Me: (Finally giving in to Juan's DoDoLand) I dODO you, Too! (And we both laughed so hard!!!)

I hope this is not blasphemous. You see, My Juan still breastfeeds.

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