September 18, 2010

10 Years After

We didn't know we were together as entourage 10 years ago (Edwin and Jasmin's Wedding)

(That's her: 2nd lady from left, the one with necklace. Me, beside the bride)
As a pioneer member of, I was invited to attend Tin Tin Bersola-Babao's Baby Shower last January 2010 provided I bring a preggy friend. She, on the other hand learned of Tin Tin's Baby Shower while shopping at Mothercare.

(my bestfriend Nen, in the middle-in black and white. Her, rightmost-in black)

(di pa rin kami magkakilala dito)

We both attended Parentin's Mom and Me Cook-off party at CCA lasy May 2010

(From right,in black, that's her, then me..magkatabi kami, but we still don't know each other)

After CCA, she added me up on FB. Told me we have a common friend on FB by the name of Edwin Francia (who was my long time friend from Bayantel), turned out they are cousins.

I got a chance to talk with her during Parentin.TV's First Year Anniversary. I then invited her to join me on Mommy Academy come July 10, 2010. . She is busy, I am busy so we didn't have the time to chat even online.After Mommy Academy event, Electrolux (in cooperation with Mommy Academy) were looking for moms who'd like to join their Wok-a-holics Cook off Challenge. My teammate was supposed to be my husband, due to unforeseen events, my husband wasn't able to join me. Meanwhile, Jenny Roxas told her we're joining a cooking challenge, ask her if she wants to join too. I told Jenny to tell her to call me. When she called and asked me if she can join the cooking challenge I said yes. I didn't know then she's good at cooking. I just told her we'll be teammates since my husband backed-out. Long story short...we won 1st Place at the Wok-a-holics Cook off Challenge. I am no good in cooking, as I've said in my previous blog, I can only cook beef steak, chicken curry and afritada...but because of her, I won the following: microwave oven, table top electric griller, blender, and a 4 burner gas range all from Electrolux.

(Visiting her at her welcoming abode in preparation for Electrolux Finals)

(I particularly like this chair, her husband brought from Sri Lanka)

(With her youngest son, Enzo)

(Naiinggit ako kay Enzo, so I slept...while she prepares everything)I believe that any person who comes along has something to give or share to enrich our lives. I am not pertaining to the material things mentioned above (but those are a BIG PLUS!). What I truly appreciate from meeting her is her ability to tell me straight the traits I should mellow on. Not very many people are frank enough to voice out their opinion or view on somebody. I am thankful to her. She has shown me that honesty will forever be a good policy.

The person I am thankful for: LOURDES VINDOLLO-LABII, loyal, faithful and supportive wife to Jerry, loving and caring mom to Luis and Enzo, kind daughter to her parents, understanding eldest sister to her siblings, a dependable friend to many...a very good cook, my Electrolux Wok-a-holics partner.


  1. OMG! This is it fren, eto ung sinasabi mo kay Des! Well, Ang ganda ng blog mo 'bout the two of you, how u cris-cross each other's path unknowingly and unnoticeably. Love your piece of work my dear friend! Kudos to Des also, she's really a nice person. More stories to tell, I know... ;-)

  2. It's a small world after all, don't you think? you know what Joy? we also have a common friend... that is Alice Failangca, my HS bestfriend, she visited me 2 weeks ago and asked about you, your brother (I think) is one of her colleagues at Infocom Data & Consulting (Phils) Inc. and she met you in your brother's birthday because you're the MC, lol truly, it is such a small world! She says you're so kind and accommodating, well I guess we both have the same mind as well.

    love you Joy!!! mwaah


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