December 31, 2010

Make it iFLICK!

In their heyday, photobooths can only be spotted in photo shops, amusement parks, malls and vicinity near schools and offices. These days, as digital technology touches every aspect of daily life, photobooths have made a modest comeback and can be seen anywhere, finding safe haven in joyful events such as birthdays, reunions, corporate parties, product launching or what have you. The modern day photobooths are compact and collapsible, which makes it easier to transport from one place to another.

As an Events Organizer, I have come across many photobooths. One name that rings the bell is iFLICK. Not only because they provide high quality photos but also because they have friendly and courteous people that man the photobooth. I have met the owners (Ana and Cleo) twice. I must say, they're cool and nice, and super easy to deal with.

For any occasions that you may need a photobooth, why not make it iFLICK.

Even big stars wants to take home a photo souvenir

There's an iFlick Near You . CONTACT THEM!
Main: BayanTel : 482.8183/PLDT : 568.7244/GLOBE : 0917.9655278/SMART : 0919.8616638 East: PLDT : 02.5445420/GLOBE: 0915.3099376/SMART : 0922.8825983

Greenhills: GLOBE : 0905.3622589/SUN : 0922.8576113
Manila: PLDT : 02.3594032/GLOBE : 0917.8104181

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