January 11, 2011

Body Shop's Spiced Vanilla Line - Product Review

This product review is a bit late now since Body Shop's Spiced Vanilla is a limited Christmas Edition. These products from The Body Shop got lost under the Christmas tree. Still posting a review so that you have an idea this coming Holiday Season (it's not too far anyway, just 11 more months...life goes by fast, right?)
I love Vanilla in ice cream and the smell of it, definitely I fell in love with this Spiced Vanilla Body Lotion, Body Butter, Hand Cream and Bath and Shower Gel on the first whiff. It's one of those scents that makes me go "heaven" when I smell it

My husband, on the other hand, goes dizzy everytime he smells me wearing Spiced Vanilla. Just goes to say - what one person may love, another will not like.
Pros: Delicious scent, long lasting, very moisturizing
Cons: Limited edition scent for the holidays (so you better buy in bulk, if you'll love the scent of it).

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