January 7, 2011


If you're one of the firsts who click, because you're looking for that latest "Boracay Scandal", SORRY, you've reached the wrong site...got you!!!

(Photo was taken April 2002, the last time I wore a two-piece swimsuit, hu!hu! If only we can turn the clock back, hu!hu! )

We flew via the now-defunct Asian Spirit

Inside the turbulent Asian Spirit. Behind us are Korean nationals. The flight attendant, mistook me as part of their group (as always, if not Korean, I'm sometimes mistaken for Japanese, Chinese. Probably, that's why when I was in Elementary these are the countries I used to represent come United Nations Day)

From Caticlan Airport, boat ride going to Boracay proper

This is what we paid for 3 days - 2 nights hotel accommodation. How much is it now, any idea?

We stayed at Red Coconut...is it still there?

Things to do while in Boracay:

Shopping at D' Mall (shopping pa din? dami nito sa Manila!)

Visit the local markets where pasalubong and souvenirs are cheaper, by the dozen.


Banana boat ride

Island hopping...

Chat with the locals...and learn how they make pearl jewelries

Bar hopping at night

Mag emote...when the surrounding have quieted down, when all the lights are out and the music has stopped...contemplate, pray...


  1. I clicked the link expecting to read about your recent trip to Bora. I thought you had bad experience or something at the island. Mind you, I haven't heard of anything like Boracay scandal. Meron ba? Huli ako sa balita. Hahaha.

  2. Mrs. Kolca: Di ka nanonood ng news? Google it, Boracay S..candal


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