January 4, 2011

Fedhz and Her Polvoron

Fedhz Aquino is a Wife, a Blogger, a Businesswoman and a Mom. I first met her at Bisolvon event last February 2010 in Blue Whale - Fun Ranch.
(Fedhz, from 1st row, to the right, that's her)
This young lady, strikes me as a very happy person, with full of energy. Meeting her at events makes the event extra fun. Knowing that she's Pehpot's friend and Marce gives you that secured feeling that this 'girl' is nice and all.

(Ne, sigurado ka Nanay ka? Naligaw ka lang ata sa Cowboy Party na 'to!)
First tasted Fedhz Polvoron at Sati's Birthday Party, then at Mommy Bloggers Party. Masarap! My husband and kids all have sweet tooth. Kinulang ang binigay ni Fedhz na polvoron when they tasted it. From Yami's blog, I read the story behind this great-tasting polvoron...I like success stories and stories that brings inspiration. And I like Fedhz, with her 'kulit" and fun aura. Here's Fedhz Polvoron's inspiring story...

We’ve been making polvoron for fourteen years. It was only after a decade that I learned to make new flavors with the suggestion of an old buddy from school. I never thought that it will be a hit not only to children but also to adults.

I wanted to give away our homemade polvoron as my gratitude for keeping me alive in school. My parents couldn’t provide for my daily allowance. I had to sell polvoron so I can buy food or other items for projects and other requirements in school. My classmates and teachers were very supportive. I was able to graduate in a private school with only polvoron to get by.

I didn’t go to college, but enrolled in Short Courses. I still had the homemade polvoron with me. New classmates were so supportive again. I also sold polvoron to my other “suki” (regular customers) cashiers and registrars in that institution even without classes so I had money for the next coming days. No, this is not a sob story, guys. I just wanna share why I’m very glad to share polvoron to you. When I studied caregiving (sponsored by a person with a good heart), I traded polvoron with my classmates for things required in school. Most of my classmates were parents, so most of them bought polvoron for “pasalubong” (take home) to their kids.

It broke my heart when I met the kids of one of my classmates.. They told me. “Oh! You’re the one Mommy told us about. Mommy had to buy polvoron from you so you can go to class.” I don’t really know if I’d feel pity for myself. Thinking about this made me realize how lucky I am. Very lucky. These polvoron put food on our table. These polvoron travelled all over the Philippines, to Canada, Singapore, Australia and everywhere my customers brought them to.

So, thank you! Thank you to my mom’s friend who taught us this wonderful recipe. Thank you to my classmates, friends, and neighbors who appreciated this small business. Seeing your satisfied smiles while munching on crunchy polvoron makes my heart happy.


  1. aray ko. naiyak ako dun ah. hehehe. so may pictures pala tayong 3? bongga! love yah, madam! I always look forward to our next meet ups. hehe

  2. Very inspiring. I have yet to bond with all of you. I really hope that this year, my blogging will go on another level. :)

  3. wow! who did the fedz polvoron ad? cute! and yes, i totally agree.. i like her polvoron best! :D

  4. New Follower from WBFC! Hope you can make your welcome post entry for the week Sis so that others can leave their links easily. Thanks!



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