January 27, 2011

Grand Family Outing at Subic Grand Seas Resort

Pulling this family outing was quite a hard work for me. Imagine six families for an overnight stay at a resort some 3 hours away from Manila. I almost gave up on this worthwhile trip.

Had the rooms reserved originally for December 27-28, 2010, then re-scheduled for January 8-9, 2011. Re-scheduled again on January 15-16, 2010. Until finally (after the drama I gave all the moms, hmp!) the trip came into reality on January 22-23, 2010.

Moms just wanna have fun!

Dads on the other hand, can't do anything but follow the whims of the Mrs's...(LOL)

At the huge reception where guests will be welcomed with a smile

Cosy and homey rooms awaits...

Kids will not get bored (while moms do the chit chat non-stop) with the help of the pool.

Things to do while in Subic Grand Seas Resort:
Kite flying
Jet ski
At night, dads/men can drink a beer or two, play billiards or sing some tunes

While moms/women join to eat balut

Drink some wine (non-alcoholic for breastfeeding mom like me)


The next day, be sure to have breakfast with friends, and do some (actually a LOT!) of talking.

Buy local products for pasalubong back home
Catch and watch the sunrise

Enjoy the view

Find tranquility, read, contemplate and pray...

Subic Grand Seas Resort is located at Olongapo City, Philippines. It offers 22 Deluxe rooms, all of which have an air-conditioning, an LCD television with cable connection, and a telephone with NDD and IDD accesses. For reservation contact: +6347-2228541. Visit their website http://www.subicgrandseas.com/

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