January 19, 2011

Kids Vocabulary

Kids has a way of making you laugh so hard that helps relieve worries, anxieties, fear, loneliness and whatever negative feelings you have at the moment.

(This happened yesterday)

Julia: Mom look at may sugat it's showing na o.
Me: (Panicking)"where, where's your sugat?
Julia: Here.
Me: Wala naman ah!
Julia: (Medyo galit na) Here o, look at this green lines..
Me: Ay sus anak, that's not sugat, that is ugat...UGAT!

(This happened some four or more years ago)

Rafael: Mom can you please buy that manok.
Me: What are you going to do with the manok?
Rafael: I'm gonna eat it, please buy me.
Me: Where? I can't see manok anywhere. Do you want us to go to Jollibee?
Rafael: No, mom, there o, please buy me.
Me: (Seeing the vendor, while shouting on top of his lungs...mani, mani) Anak, mani yan not manok, MANI!


  1. ahheheheheh kulet! Si ishi din d p alam mga tamang salita...nung tumula yan ng tagalog pumilipit ang dila. :))

  2. cute naman ng language ng mga bagets

  3. kids do light up our lives.

    thanks for following my blog, joy. here to follow you too.

  4. ahihihi...minsan tlaga kids kundi may kulang sa word, may sobra or iba sinasabi.

    Tagging you on this award: http://theallaroundmom.blogspot.com/2011/01/7-things-about-me.html

    Happy Thursday! :)

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