January 10, 2011

Philippine Basketball Association (PBA)

I'm a seasonal PBA fan. Actually, on two seasons only: The first time I saw Atoy Co, I knew I like him...oh those bangs and chinky eyes! When Atoy retired, my love for PBA faded.

Then came Jolas, oh my Jolas...those powerful legs and the spiked hair. I was hooked and glued on the television whenever Jolas has a game

But I didn't go to Araneta to see Jolas. It was enough that I see him on tv From time to time, bought his posters too. Last October 10, 2010, when I visited my family in Novaliches, I visited some of my (there's like a hundred of them that I lost count already) Godchildren or inaanak/s.One of my most favorite inaanak is Jam Payang. She is the daughter of my friend from Elementary days. Jam asked me if I knew Cyrus Baguio. Sorry, but I don't. She told me that Cyrus is a PBA player and that Cyrus has FB Fan Page. And so I searched...Cyrus Baguio. Then sent him a message...Hi Cyrus, I'm Joy Mendiola. I'm sorry as I do not know you but my inaanak Jam is so much into you. I want to surprise her on her 16th birthday, and I hope you will allow us to meet you in person...No reply from him...I waited again for another week, still no reply...

October 29, I sent a message to Jam to meet me in Araneta Center. I did everything I could to reach Cyrus. I talked and begged (almost to my knees) to around 8 big men. All of these men hold certain important positions in PBA. Excuse me, sirs, I have forgotten your names, but THANK YOU!
Jam almost fainted when she finally saw Cyrus!

Jam, along with her friend, had a blast taking photos with Cyrus.

Thank you CYRUS BAGUIO for making Jam happy!

Told Jam, "that's the best gift I can give you, no more gifts from me anymore this coming Christmas". Di ko din natiis, still gave her Christmas presents, I love this girl so much!

Had to go ahead of them, but made sure they have something to munch on...Purefoods Hotdog Sandwich...yum, yum...

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  1. I have read it na po ninang, and i was so touched po tlaga ! Seriously, gusto ko na umiyak, this was the most memorable gift ever ! thank you so much again ninang ! I love you :))


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