February 9, 2011

Living a LOUD Double Life

Sleeping Beauty used to be my favorite Princess character. Now it is Cinderella. Wondering? I was a masa (masa: for masandal tulog) for a long time for there's nothing to do before but be a Director. You see, I was a Director for a long time (I direct orders, telling our helpers to do this, do that, finish this, finish that).

When our helpers decided to have a family of their own, I became a Cinderella. Nowadays, I'm living a LOUD double life. I am a Hannah Montana in my own right. Not that I'm a good singer, also not mega rich. It's just that I haven't been happier and stronger as when my husband and I decided not to hire helpers again. Lately, I like calling myself Lavandera-Eventera. Doing the laundry and other household chores when there's no events to organize, host or attend to.

At home, I am a 'Loud, Happy Wife and Mom', always reminding my family to drink their vitamins (but forgetting mine!), eat their vegetables, drink milk, and sleep early (but I don't).

In events, I am literally LOUD (for I am an events host and organizer). If I don't speak out LOUD, the audience won't hear me.


  1. wow nice! LAVANDERA-EVENTERA! :))

  2. i enjoyed this post. i sooooo can relate. i decided yrs ago that i can do all chores, hence we need no helpers. from then on, i ALSO became, loud, as in , LOUD. and being so, i became, NANAY-EMOTERA, haha.

    this is really nice!


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