March 16, 2011

Lips Appreciation Day

Why so pouty? Pucker up. Today is Lips Appreciation Day.
Whether your lips are big, small, thick or thin, lips are one of the first things we notice on a person's face. March 16th is a special day set aside each year that celebrates lips of all shapes and sizes and reminds us to appreciate what we have.

(Twins Julia and Rafael at 2 years old)

Do something nice for your lips today. Buy a lip balm. Better yet, kiss somebody! How are you going to celebrate the occasion? I'm going to kiss my kids, as I always do. I like kissing my children. Juan at 5 years old is still okay when I kiss him. Julia, because she's a girl is perfectly alright. Rafael is a lot like his Dad...'medyo umaangal na' when I kiss him. Though Rafael when younger allows me to smother him with kisses. Last year Rafael broke my heart. I visited him in his school, when I was about to kiss him he refused. Maybe because his classmates were all looking. It will definitely break my heart when Juan reach the stage of 'no kissing in public Mom'.

(with my Juan and only)

“Smile – It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.”

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  1. I'm sure my son will break my heart, too, when he becomes the same age as Rafael and refuses a kiss from Mommy or to kiss Mommy in public. Right now, he still enjoys kissing me and being kissed by me in return no matter who's watching!


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