March 17, 2011

Non-Invasive Slimming Treatment

Many people may not be aware that there is such a treatment called ultrasound cavitation. It is a non-invasive beauty treatment that uses ultrasound technology to break down unwanted fats. Through a hand-held device called probes, the machine delivers pulsating ultrasound waves into the skin surface.

With a low frequency of 40KHz, the synergies of sound waves hit the fat cells under the skin, causing them to vibrate and break up the cell membranes. When the fat cells are broken down, they are transported out of the body through the lymphatic system, and the destroyed fat cells are released in the body system naturally.

The Ultrasound Cavitation treatment has been designed to help average to overweight men and women acquire an improved body contour. It offers an alternative to patients seeking effective reduction of localized fat deposits without surgery as well as those who want to lessen the appearance of cellulite and have tighter and smoother skin.

Svelte Wellness Center has carefully crafted wellness programs that cater to different needs of the customers that vary from overall healing, therapeutic relaxation, and slimming procedures.

It includes the non-invasive slimming treatment, LipoSculpt, which uses the ultrasound cavitation technology. The treatment can be performed in the abdomen, arms, thighs, flanks, back, and “banana rolls” (the fat beneath the buttocks).

The treatment begins with the medical staff assessing the area to be treated. They will measure the area using a tape measure. This will help the customer to assess and know if the treatment is really effective.

Then, ultrasound gel (concocted with coffee extract) will be slathered on the area. Using two probes, the trained staff will slide the devices across and around the area.

There’s a high frequency sound that the patient can hear as soon as the probes hit the skin. But it’s not harmful because the frequency is controlled. At first, the sound might bother you but later on, you won’t be able to notice it, or maybe, you’ll get used to it.

The treatment time may vary, depending on the area. But the maximum is one hour because more than that can be harmful. “It is a tummy tuck without the surgery,” enthuses Tang.

Another must-try procedure is the SvelteLipo which utilizes the tripollar radio frequency (RF) technology. A non-invasive procedure which has been used in medical treatments, the RF utilizes energy to penetrate the skin layers and selectively heat the skin tissue and the extra-cellular matrix where the collagen fibers are embedded.

The attendant applies a special oil on the area to be treated so that the probes would slide smoothly. As she glides the probes, the heat causes an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers by penetrating the skin but without damaging healthy tissues. It also augments the collagen generation, while shrinking the fat cells which resulted in tightening of the skin layers.

The temperature Svelte use varies, depends on the heat tolerance of the customers as well as how fast their body absorbs the heat. For the abdomen area, they treat it for 20 minutes in the tummy and five minutes on each side. We monitor the temperature, maximum is 95 degree celsius and minimum, 35

(The special machines Svelte uses for the two non-invasive treatments mentioned)


After the treatment, the attendants will again measure the body parts treated

It was amazing! I lost 4 cm. on my waist and 3 cm. on hips.

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  1. Oh my 4 inches on the waist??? really??

  2. wow, 4 inches off your waist after just one session?! Ulah-lah!

  3. does it hurt? how'd you feel after the procedure?

  4. i want to try, how much per session?

  5. hi, there! ms joy mendiola lost 4 cms. off her waist and 3 cms off her hips on the initial sessions alone. that's how effective these machine treatments are!

    no, it doesn't hurt and you'll feel more confident after each treatment. =)

    we invite you to visit us for a FREE personalized consultation so we can recommend what may fit you best. =) please contact us at 7028232 or 09228758342 for appointment.


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