March 7, 2011

Put It Off

If you're one workaholic, always on a hurry type of person, now is the best time to put off some things you plan to do for it is National Procrastination Week.

When it comes to successful procrastination, half the battle is choosing to procrastinate on the right things. And why do people procrastinate? The following are the main reasons behind our bad procrastination habits:

1) We put off unpleasant or difficult tasks. The solution here is to re-evaluate to see if you can delegate, get some help, or find a different approach that isn’t so off-putting. If that doesn’t work, try to focus on why you’re performing the task. Think about the bigger goal of a payday, a cleaner house, or a happy and grateful friend.

2) We procrastinate when we’re afraid. If you keep putting off a project that is important to you, it may be because you’re afraid of failure or equally terrified of success. Sometimes it helps to acknowledge what you’re afraid of and get clear about your worst-case scenarios and the alternative, which is to never even try.

3) We procrastinate when we’re swamped. Sometimes you have to say no or at least “not right now” to clients or friends. Even taking an occasional 15 minutes to jot down ideas can help to keep you on track.

4) We procrastinate when we’re overwhelmed. Sometimes, we put off important projects because we just don’t know where or how to start or we’re overwhelmed by the number of options. Get serious about breaking your task down into small steps . Pick an approach and try it out. Don’t let yourself stay paralyzed.

5) We procrastinate when we’re focusing on the wrong things. At times, we procrastinate because we’re trying to force ourselves to do things that we don’t care about. We’re trying to live up to others’ expectations or present the right image, so we set goals that we have a hard time getting excited about. If you find yourself repeatedly procrastinating a task, ask yourself if it’s really something that will carry you forward or if it’s only on your list for reasons of ego or appearances.

Things on which you can procrastinate without feeling guilty:

1. Returning phone messages from telemarketers who are offering credit cards or other unnecessary expense.

2. Making dinner (which I always practice). Just order take-out.

Things you cannot procrastinate on:
1. Medical check-up - I've an infected middle finger for I put off seeing a doctor early on.
2. Feeding your pets - A blogger friend, Michelle Lim of Mom Friday, forgot to feed her fishes, what happened? The bigger fish swallowed the smaller fish.

With these tips in mind, I hope you have a pleasantly unproductive National Procrastination Week. What are you most looking forward to not doing?

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  1. hahaha! me ganon talaga? as in procrastination week? so tomorrow ko na lang gawin lahat. hihi..


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