April 26, 2011

3 Things To Be Happy

Reading Bo Sanchez' Soulful Letter that says:

3 Things To Be Happy

1. Someting to do
2. Someone to love
3. Something to look forward to


Kevyn Lettau

I watch the world go by in silence

deep in the night in silence
time goin' by so slow

I think about the morning
and it warms my heart
because tonight Im going back
to the one I love
and by tomorrow with the dawn
I'll be there and he'll be beside me

Sunlight oh, sunlight
bring me the love I need to guide me
shining deep inside of me
sunlight oh sunlight show me the way

I look at the stars and I pray for morning
counting the hours till morning
thinking about his smile...his sweet smile

I'm standing on the promise of a brand new day
I couldnt face another night
staying all alone
I know he needs me just as much as I need him

so baby I'm coming home


And when I hold him
I wont let him let me go no no no
no more running far and wide
Im gonna stay right by his side
he's my laughter my lover my life
he's my sunlight
oh sunlight oh sunlight
show me the way


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