April 3, 2011

Fried Ice Cream

During my childhood days I always look forward to summer to be able to eat as much halo-halo as I want to. Nowadays, children has many choices as to what cold treats they want to have. Fried Ice Cream is one of them.

It's more of the curiosity of how fried ice cream is made than the actual tasting or eating.

Calling the owners of this Fried Ice Cream - Glorieta Branch, please remind your staff to wear hair net and gloves for proper food handling since their clientele are most kids .


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  2. Lapit lang sa amin yan Glorietta pero di p namin na try yan!!! MAsarap ba?

  3. I'm also curious with this kind of ice cream!

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  4. I want to try that fried ice cream. interesting

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