June 12, 2011

When A Husband Touches Another Woman

John wakes up, every other day, at 5 in the morning to jog around the neighborhood. During this time, I stay up in the room a bit late for he takes care of the food preparation. But just today, I went down at 6 AM. Lo and behold! I caught him red-handed touching another woman...

...wait guys, hold that mad thoughts! It's just Wonder Woman!

I should've entitled this post "When A Husband Touches Wonder Woman".

"Laugh and the world laughs with you". HAVE A JOYFUL MONDAY EVERYONE!

John inspects and cleans his statue collections thoroughly every day.

He is slowly building his Women Statues collection

A video for those, just like me, who grew up watching Wonder Woman


  1. hahaha akala ko naman kung ano hehehe sexy nman ng hinahawakan ni kuya

  2. nyahaha, another great post tukayo!

  3. Nyay! Akala ko naman may susugurin na tayo at sasabunutan eh. Hahaha!

  4. Is he wearing a green lantern shirt? :)

  5. Yes Liz, he is wearing a green lantern shirt!

  6. this is a cute story!!! LOL ako...and nice video sharing:-)

  7. huh!d lang woman actually women! dami na collection John girl mag isip ka na ng certain image mo at magpagawa ka na din ng statue para masama ka sa collection nya at d ka na mag jeling...


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