July 26, 2011


When burglars tried to invade our home, they did not succeed for 2 reasons:, namely, Dengue and Deadbolt

We name our dogs after viruses. We had, Lasa, Mutaba, Hanta, and Thyphi (short for Thypoid), then came Dengue. When Dengue was given to us, she was very thin and looked badly treated. My husband, who loves dogs, took care of Dengue. Most of the time, people think that Dengue is a pure bred dog, but she is not. Dengue is a regular mongrel or commonly known in the Philippines as 'Askal'. My friend said Askal is now called Aspin or Asong Pinoy. Dengue looks good and healthy because she is showered with so much love. When we dine out, we never forget to bring 'pasalubong' or a treat for Dengue.

Dogs have always been known to save man from danger. There were true stories shown in television when a dog saved her owner from heart attack, saved the owner from drowning and a lot more. In our case, Dengue is our living security system. She kept on barking that alerted my neighbor, as a result, the burglar ran away.

TRIVIA: The domestic dog, scientific name - Canis lupus familiaris, is a domesticated form of the gray wolf. Wolves are very social animals. Like humans, they live in packs, with social ranks, this made this animal suitable and attractive as a companion, because wolves accepted man as their leader.


  1. Dengue brings memories of our family pet, Sharkey, who was with us for r 10 years; her demise was a major heartbreak for us. I also go for aspins, very effective as guard dogs but sweet and charming enough to dote on. I feel like hugging Dengue from the photo alone!

  2. oh dengue the dog that have a very healthy reproductive organ. We had athena before she's a doberman a very sweet dog unfortunately we need to give her up because no one will take care of her. I hope someday we could have another dog.


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