October 13, 2011

Balancing Act

One of the many traits that women possess is being a great multi-tasker. Moms, per se, are very good at it, holding multiple jobs - a career, a wife and a mom, all at the same time. One particular mom I salute (to the highest level) is Ms. Agnes Fabio Caguntas, she is the Marketing Manager of Eartern Rising Sun - the company that distributes Ainon, Smart Babies, Pengo and Pocoyo.

I met Ms. Agnes some two years ago at Parentin.tv, where Ainon is one of the sponsors. It is very nice to meet accomplished women who still keep their feet on the ground, and Ms. Agnes is definitely one of them! Both Ms. Agnes and her husband works. Despite their busy schedules they still produce three, equally intelligent and talented sons. Their secret: balancing all activities well, prioritizing mainly the family. After work, both husband and wife go home immediately, eat dinner together, tend to their sons, and watch television together (if time permits).

We seldom get to meet, but each and every meet is a treasure for I learn many things from talking to her. Mamu, you are an inspiration to me as a wife, mother and employee.

Photos were taken at our date last August in Cravings Shangri-La Mall


  1. I got to use Ainon products with my bunso...they're good!

  2. Jes; Yes si Madam Ainon nga!
    Ate Chel: I used it for Juan, too!

  3. lets give her a round of applause indeed only woman can multi-task that's why eve was given to adam....


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