October 24, 2011

Foldabots Toy Book 4

Last October 22 at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4, K-Zone Foldabots Toy Book 4 was launched where guests enjoyed various activities such as create your own Foldabot contest, comic book quiz and Buhatron speed-building contest. Kids and parents got to meet Foldabots creator Jomike Tejido.

Get to know the latest additions to the Foldabots team (littlest Foldabot team – the Mikrobots). Find out what these Mikrobots can do with their Ultimate Agimat Force as they fight against the Pestebots by grabbing your copy of the Foldabots Toy Book 4, now available in bookstores nationwide at P195.

Little boys, and girls too, can test their Folda-building skills as they create the Aura-Sans-- Kulog, Dakotron,and Lobo. When these Foldabots are combined, they form the mighty Bakunawa Dragon! Get to know brand-new characters Landas and Buhatron, exclusive to this latest edition.

The Foldabots Toy Book also features the first Masterpiece Edition featuring Astig! Standing six-inches high, complete with joints for a multi-posable body, your boys can definitely put their paper-art skills to master level!

Foldabots Toy Book 4 signing followed right after the program.


  1. Super like! Wish Nina and I were there, she is crazy about foldabots :)

  2. ngayun ko lang narinig to....hmmm....mukhang pangmayaman :))

  3. Nice to hear about another Pinoy artist coming up with a creative idea for toys/books. I have yet to see a sample of such a concept. Must be fun for my kids, too.

  4. Barbie, Foldabots 5 will be launched next year. Let you know if in case I'm attenting.

    Jes, for all walks of life naman ang Foldabots.

    Ate Chel, I'm sure your boys will like Foldabots.


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