October 22, 2011

Thyroid Disorders

My stepmom first noticed my bulging neck in 2000 after my wedding. Upon her insistence, I had my thyroid checked in 2001, the doctor found several lumps in my neck. Here sharing the three common thyroid disorders. Photos below are taken at Makati Medical Center while waiting for my lab tests. Click on the photos to enlarge and read about thyroid disorders.

What is thyroid? Thyroid is a small gland that is wrapped around the trachea, just below the thyroid cartilage. The thyroid plays an important role in health and affects every organ, cell and tissue in the body.

Thyroid Disorders

1. Thyroid Nodules (This is what I have)

Thyroid Nodules Symptoms:

2. Underactive Thyroid

Underactive Thyroid Symptoms:

3. Overactive Thyroid

Overactive Thyroid Symptoms:

How to do a thyroid neck self-check:
(Source: About.com)

1. Look into the mirror
2. Tip your head back, while keeping this view of your neck and thyroid area in your mirror
3. Take a drink of water and swallow.
4. As you swallow, look at your neck, watch for bulges, enlargement or unusual appearances.
5. Repeat the process several times.
6. If you see any bulges or lumps, see your doctor right away.

Tip: Don't get your Adam's apple confused with your thyroid gland. The Adam's Apple is at the front of your neck, the thyroid is further down and closer to your collarbone.


  1. Had my left thyroid removed because of water accumulation, FNA was not effective so I went for surgery. Goiter is just one of the manifestation of thyroid disorder. Yeah! if you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms better consult an endocrinologist for proper evaluation.

  2. JJ's sister was operated on her thyroid glands and brother Ronnie's wife had a cancerous growth there many years ago. She had an operation and radiation...now she is very healthy and strong.

  3. my neck is also a bit big when I was in high school my classmates noticed it so I undergo several test and took medication for several months i think. Last 2001 I had my check-up again after several test it comes out that everything is okay and it's all fats. My younger cousins also have bigger neck like mine maybe it runs in the family.

  4. Thyroid-stimulating hormonal agent, abbreviated as TSH, a hormonal agent released by the thyroid gland, which manages how quickly the body use energy, establishes proteins, and sees how reactive the body to other hormonal agents that integrate in our body. The essential goal of alternative thyroid remedies is to trigger the body's metabolic process that keeps us healthy and energetic all the time.

  5. It is easy to note the particular aspect of some people who draw our attention to the presence of prominent eyeballs, almost out of their sockets. Their gaze is fixed, shiny, lids are removed, and the eyes are irritated. This condition, called exophthalmos or exophthalmia can occur most frequently in association with thyroid disorders.alternative thyroid remedies


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