January 3, 2012

Despite The Absence of Sight

I'm most joyful during Christmas as the season brings back many happy moments, people are more kind, the weather is cold and it is the time when family and friends get to meet after a year of busy schedules.

One of the visitors that we expect every Christmas is Mang Pepe. Mang Pepe is my late father-in-law's friend. My father-in-law passed away in 2002 but Mang Pepe continues to visit us every Christmas.

Why we love Mang Pepe? He is one cool and funny 'old' (peace Mang Peps!) man. Mang Pepe was not born blind. He used to be a welder. In 1962 at age 39, he suffered glaucoma which caused the blindness. Despite the absence of sight, Mang Pepe at 89 years old, lives a happy life by cracking jokes every now and then. Mang Pepe's sense of humor lifts our spirits even more at Christmas time.

Samples of Mang Pepe's Jokes:


A nun in the convent walked into the room where mother superior was dressing up.
Nun: There is a blind man to see you
Mother Superior: Send him in, he is a blind man, it doesn't matter if I'm dressing up.
The blind man comes in the room, Mother Superior continuously talks and thank the man for all the work he has done at the convent.
Man: That's nothing Mother superior, but what windows would you like me to put these blinds?

Mang Pepe: Alam mo Joy, kahit may kanser ako masaya ako.
Ako: (shocked!) Ano po, kailan pa po ang kanser nyo bakit di namin nabalitaan?
Mang Pepe: (Ignored my question) Ang kanser ko kasi may lunas, di tulad ng kanser ng ibang tao walang lunas.
Ako: (Still shocked) Ano daw po ba ang type ng cancer nyo?
Mang Pepe: Kanser sa bulsa.

My husband got Mang Pepe's cue, opened his wallet and cured Mang Pepe's cancer.

(Juan, Mang Pepe and Ate Daisy - Mang Pepe's niece)


  1. oh i remember my lolo he's blind dn pero ang daming kayang gawin :)


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