March 31, 2012

Her Real Stylishness: The StyleRPA Tribute to Upcoming Talents

Online lifestyle magazine celebrated its launch last March 30, 2012 with the first of its many His/Her Real Stylishness tribute awards at Society Lounge, Makati. “We want to show that lifestyle is evolving. As the word ‘lifestyle’ goes, it’s alive,” said founder and Editor-in-Chief Philip Abadicio. “People change their habits and ways of living.”

Abadicio’s awareness of the changing times led to the recent birth of’s television extension, StyleRPA TV. The show aired every Saturday evening on GNN (Channel 8 on Destiny Cable) from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. “We store information differently now,” he said. “I believe TV is here to stay. It’s more environmentally-conscious in the way it doesn’t use paper. It can [also] be stored online.” “We’re in a good time to introduce ourselves to a burgeoning market that gets their information online.”

As a lifestyle news website and TV show,'s obvious challenge was keeping up with shifting trends. “It’s a different medium, a different market,” Abadicio said. “It’s a market where attention span is shorter and there is a bombardment of information. We always need to be ahead.”

“We like to discover what’s new instead of focusing on those who are already known or established. We'd like to be a platform for new designers, new stylists, new chefs, new musicians, new writers…It’s a gut feel that this person’s going to make it.”

With the His/Her Real Stylishness Award, the lifestyle news website paid tribute to the rising talents who were able to ride the waves of change and made ripples themselves, beginning with the first awardee: 21-year-old fashion designer Ashley Cayuca.

She exhibited her latest designer swimsuit collection Verao Quente in's grand launch, featuring 15 swimsuits of bold cuts and colors, from hot pink bikinis to sultry sheer black swimsuits. Cayuca's creations had graced various magazines and TV shows and were worn by celebrities like Daiana Menezes, Jessy Mendiola, Lauren Young, and international model Michelle Paloma.

Cayuca was awarded after the show by StyleRPA TV’s hosts, Amanda Elvina, Ria Casco, and Nicole Reyes. Among the audience were Cayuca’s parents, violinist Jay and Chikky Cayuca, her brother, Kevin Cayuca, Ateneo Blue Eagle players Chris and Nico de Chavez, and other friends and family.

Also in attendance were and StyleRPA TV’s Philip Abadicio, Society Lounge owner Patrice Freuslon, House of Rodriguez’s Tenten Rodriguez, Meow Meow Productions’ Marton Benitez, Mike Oreta, Chuck Oreta, Vishoes owners Sheridan and Denise Villanueva, Bespoke Holiday D├ęcor’s Archie Chua, Logika Concept’s Lei and Yasmin Coles, Pan Pacific’s Pauline Areglado, Digicon Events Management’s AV Galvan, Intercontinental Manila’s Judy Ty, Vanity Magazine’s Joy Fong, Meg Magazine’s Rain Dagala,’s Joy Felizardo,’s Jayl Aquino, Occassions of Joy’s Joy and John Mendiola, and’s Karen Lopez.

Soon after, the audience partied to the beats of Dj Akx. As the founder had said, ‘lifestyle’ is alive – exciting, dynamic, and shifting. While the landscape continued to change, remained on the lookout for new talent in this new media generation.

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