March 27, 2012

Indoor Easter Activities

Sunday after next we will be celebrating Easter Sunday as a symbol of the rebirth of man. During this time many establishments, mostly hotels, offer Easter Party for kids with registration fee ranging from 500 and up. The fee usually covers snacks, games and egg hunting. I used to join those Easter Parties for my children until twins Julia and Rafael turned 7. They lost the penchant for such activities. From then on John and I hold two indoor activities every Easter.

1.  Easter Egg Decorating Contest

Each kid gets two hard-boiled eggs to decorate. They are required to follow a theme for their design. Last years theme is Mom and Dad.

Juan’s designs

Rafael’s artworks

Julia’s masterpiece (she won, by the way)

Second Indoor Easter Activity:  EGG HUNT

1. Buy plastic eggs big enough to put the candies, chocolates and other prizes
2. Hide the eggs in various places but easy enough for the kids to see

3. Aside from the treats inside the eggs, it’s optional to give special prizes, such as the most number of eggs collected, the least number of eggs collected, the eggs of specific color. I always encourage giving of consolation prizes to make everyone happy.

4. Be sure to keep those plastic eggs properly for egg hunt game is not only fun to do during Easter. It’s also a hit during birthday parties or even for bridal showers.

" Easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply in terms of things
but in terms of ideals."

- Charles M. Crowe


  1. ahahahah!! that's fun!! eheheh im excited n dn here for easter egg hunt. last year was my kids' first time eh :)

  2. wow, me indoor activities pa talaga kayo ginawa.. saya! Di naka experience mga kids ko ng ganito ..:(


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