March 29, 2012

Made Her Mom Proud

At 11 moths, Julia can recite the alphabet (bulol nga lang!). She showed signs of intelligence at an early age. But as she grew, Julia became a shy girl. I didn't like that she's not as bibo as his twin brother. She'd never join party games without me prodding her. She'd cry when I ask her to lead a prayer or tell me a random story (in front of her brothers).

Since Grade 1, Julia was always on Top 4, over 3 sections with a total population of 120 students. I have not written about it for the past 2 years. I was not very happy. I wanted her to be number 1. I knew she can make it, but she's not the type who'd read her school books and notes. She'd rather read story books, paint, doodle, make arts and crafts and play with her brothers.

Yesterday was her third time to be on the top 4. Top 4.5 actually, sharing the same spot with her classmate Genevieve. I had to stand for a long time at the stage as the emcee reads Julia's six awards: Top 4.5, Best in Math, Best in Reading and Phonetics, Top 1 Book Borrower, Award of Excellence for Science and Math Club and Perfect Attendance.

Julia certainly made me proud. Never mind that she's not Top 1. What made me close to crying was the Best in Math Award. I was poor in Math. At Grade 2, I knew that Math and me will not gel well.

Congratulations Jules! You made us all happy and proud!!!


  1. wow ang galing naman ni ate Julia!! proud din kmi !!

  2. Congrats Mommy Joy! :)

    Looking forward coming up on stage too when my little girl goes to school. Haaayz, mas excited ata ako mg-school sya next year! Hehe =)

  3. wow ang galing naman ng Ate!!! CONGRATs!!! how bout the twin brother? anu honor?

  4. ako dn dati may award sa math "WORST IN MATH" lol

  5. im excited for my daughter dn kaso wala sila graduation here :P yay!!

  6. congrats Julia! Ang galing galing naman! You must be very proud of her. My kids are not good in Math..:(


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