April 17, 2012

Cute and Adorable Finds at Regina's

Visiting Reginas on a weekly basis is one of my family's way of killing boredom at home. Once we step inside this gift shop, I seem to transform into a kid as I see the many cute and adorable finds.

This tin can, at Php 99.00, comes with many stickers and mini stationery.
Great for writing those meaningful thoughts for special people and loved ones.

Kobe Bryant coin bank sells at Php 450.00 in other stores. At Reginas, it is only Php 249.00. I've got one like this at an auction in Tagcom for Php 100.00, beating all the men who wanted to bring home Kobe.

We usually go to Reginas between 1pm to 4pm to avoid the crowd. But because this place is such a wonderful place to find those cute stickers, mini notebooks, funny wigs, pens, caps, and other knick-knacks, this place is usually packed with people.

Imported onesis, which usually sells around Php 500.00 and up in baby shops,
at Reginas it is only Php 89.00

Hats at Php 99.00. Outside Greenhills, the same hats sells at Php350.00. In popular malls the price is way much higher.

Reginas is located at Shoppesville, Greenhills Shopping Center (beside Kamiseta)


  1. i have been wanting to visit this place, i read in a parenting magazine that they sell these adorable rashguards for tots at really affordable prices! now i cannot wait to go to Regina's, i would love to buy that tin can for myself, too! ^_^

    1. you've got visit talaga. the rashguards are great at 259 or less pa. you'll find a lot of stuff there for jared and yourself.

    2. Hi! Are there any rashguard for adults at Regina's?

  2. ang cute ng mga onesies!!!type!

  3. oh that is a cool store JOY!!! i want the kobe braynt coin bank :D can you give me one!? LOL :))

    Thanks for sharing your family time!!!


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