May 15, 2012

Patient with the Patient

Yesterday was my scheduled quarterly TSH blood extraction (for my thyroid condition) at Makati Medical Center . It was one of those rare days when I don't feel like smiling and talking to anybody.  I was not in my best mood, as it was very hot outside, I have my monthly period and did not  sleep well the night before. 

I felt so grumpy. The Medical Technologist assigned to extract the blood came in smiling, and said, "Ms. Josephine Mendiola, wait lang po, Ma'am". I stood up (already in my pagtataray moment) wanting to ask him if he's mad, but I held on and kept quiet not even nodding at him. Well, only my late mother called me Josephine - that's when she was mad.  

As I was directed to sit, this Medical  Technologist continued to display a pleasant disposition despite my crankiness. He was very courteous and explained thoroughly everything I asked him. Kahanga-hanga ka, ROSTAN VALDEZ for being very patient with the patient!  

I went home in a better mood, this guy infected me with his sunny disposition.



  1. This is great! God truly sends angels through the wings of virtue.

    I miss you Joy! <3

    1. Yes, Ainie, angels do come in different forms. Miss you, too!


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