October 31, 2012

Easy and Inexpensive Way to Whiten Teeth

My husband is a heavy coffee drinker. He consumes at least 5 cups of brewed coffee a day. Because of this his teeth are discolored and stained.

I remember when I was teaching twins Julia and Rafael about colors, when asked to find a yellow thing, "Rafael blurted, Dad's teeth are yellow!".

We have found an easy and inexpensive way to whiten teeth...

Happy Halloween to all!!!

Here's the real deal, Tips and Warnings for Whitening Teeth

1.  Brush and floss regularly.
2. Visit your dentist for regular dental cleanings.
3.  Soak cotton in baking soda and lemon juice mixture then  wipe to the teeth
4.  Use whitening toothpastes. (Note: These products don't provide a complete remedy). 
5.  Avoid using worn out toothbrush as it limits its capacity to thoroughly clean teeth.
6.  Avoid drinking coffee, tea and other colored beverages because these can stain your teeth quickly. 
7. Avoid smoking because this  can turn the color of your teeth to yellow. 

Ooops, our sons insisted in posing for this post, too:



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