October 27, 2012

EvoLife Products Designed for Cancer Patients

Last Wednesday, October 24, 2012, Point of Care Solutions (PCSI) introduced EvoLife products  for skin, oral, nail and hygiene care designed for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments that revolutionize the whole experience of cancer treatment for cancer patients who have chosen this path of healing.

The event happened at Dad’s-Kamayan-Saisaki (Sanbo-Kojin) along EDS. A respected oncologist explained the chemotherapy and radiation therapy experience and discussed the therapeutic effects of the new products. Patients who have already tried out the products also shared their personal experiences and showed how the healing process helped them.

According to medical studies, 40% of cancer patients die because they give up the fight, meaning many of them no longer want to continue treatment because of the extreme discomforts and physical challenges of radiation and chemo therapy such as mouth sores, skin rashes, burns, cracked and blackened nails, falling hair and the general feeling of dread and helplessness.

 Alleviating the Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

With the growing census of cancer incidence in the country, there is real concern in providing supportive care not only during treatment but more so when the treatment side effects start manifesting.

For cancer patients, managing the side effects is as important as addressing the cancer itself. According to doctors, side effects can compromise treatment and even recovery. According to Dr. Maria Luisa Abesamis-Tiambeng, M.D., head of the CSMC Cancer Institute, M.D.  “The psychological scars caused by the physical manifestations of treatment, like rashes, skin discoloration, blackened nails and falling hair erode patients’ self-esteem and the will to fight. But psychological well-being is crucial to a successful treatment. If cancer patients feel low and miserable, their response to treatment is greatly affected. So if the side effects of treatment do not bother the patient, their treatment regimen becomes more tolerable, if not welcome. Products like Evolife can help make patients commit to their treatment regimen and achieve the ultimate cure. These innovative products can prove crucial in licking the Big C.”

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