October 9, 2012

Happy Grocery Shopping

We do our grocery shopping every two weeks, normally on a weekday to avoid long queues.  I’d make list of what to buy three days before and make the necessary additions before heading to the supermarket. 

Some people find grocery shopping a tall task. I personally find this activity fun and relaxing. I particularly enjoy the time when I bump with people in my past, even present, while hitting the aisles.

Yesterday at Rustan’s Shangri-La Mall, I saw my former classmate – Loucelle. Though very timid, she's one of my favorite classmates. I’d usually come up to her and force her to talk with me (lol). We got along very well although we both have our set of respective friends. 

We had a quick chat while waiting for the cashier. I’m happy that she now owns a preparatory school (Well Care Learning Center) in Pasig City. She is also a happy mom to her adorable toddler daughter.

Also happy to bump with cheerful Blogger, Fedhz and her younger sister, err, daughter -Yz.


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  2. It's nice to bump with somebody unexpectedly lalo pa mga classmates sa high school or grade school.. mahaba habang kwentuhan. hihi
    I miss cuz Fedhz and her beautiful daughter EZ. So cheerful naman smile niyo.
    Dami mo kasing friends kaya dami nakakasalubong..
    Today is grocery shopping day kaya lang konte lang, replenish lang actually. I do major grocery shopping every month end.


Thank you for the joyful comments!